You’ll Be In The Headlights Of The Law If You Don’t Do These Things



When you become a driver, you open yourself to a lot of stress. For most of us, that doesn’t cross our minds when we put in for our tests. All we think about is that sweet moment when we get the coveted ‘pass’ and are free to hit the road. But, as soon as that dreamt of the moment is out of the way, the reality comes crashing down. As car owners, we have to worry about everything from tire safety to regular oil changes. On top of which, we have to ensure everything we do is in keeping with the road laws in our area.

Many of these laws are logical. Don’t exceed the speed limit. Don’t drink and drive. But, some aren’t quite as obvious, and these are the ones which pose the most substantial risk to us. One such law would be those about headlights. These make your vehicle visible and so play a massive part in ensuring the safety of you, and everyone around. Thus, it makes sense that the law is often stringent about this feature. But, too few of us think about this. Which is why we’re going to look at the three main things you should be doing to avoid the headlights of the law.




For one, you need to maintain your headlights, much like you would any other aspect of your vehicle. Cleaning on a regular basis is essential, as obstructed lights will soon get you pulled over. Just wipe them over with a damp cloth at least once a week to ensure this doesn’t happen. Bear in mind, too, that broken or cracked headlights can lead to significant trouble. If the issue is fairly small, you could invest in one of the headlight lens restoration packs If things are a little more severe, don’t hesitate to book at your local garage as soon as possible.

Turn on

Precise rulings on headlight use vary from state to state. That said, most stipulate the need to turn on headlights no later than half an hour after sunset. Many states also have laws in place for the use of lights in severe weather conditions. Do your research about laws in your area, then make sure to follow. Generally, if visibility is bad, you should always make sure you have your lights on.

Rein it in



As important as it is to turn on at the right time, it’s also essential you rein it in when other cars are around. While high beam is a crucial feature when it comes to your visibility, most laws state the need to turn it off within 500 feet of approaching traffic. Failure to do this will reduce the visibility of those coming towards you, and could result in an accident. Not to mention that you would annoy everyone else on the road this way! So, don’t just put them on and leave them on. Get into the habit of dimming where necessary. If you need any Maintenance with your headlights you can always go to Westborn Chrysler Dodge Jeep  Ram 

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