How to Create the Picture Perfect Home for Your New Pup

The moment you decided to welcome a new furry friend into your lively household, there was a whole load of excitement in the air. Getting a puppy has always been something you and your little family have always wanted. You realize it is going to take a lot of time and hard work to adjust him into the normal routine in your home, but you’re willing to do anything to make it work. You want to be the greatest dog parent you can possibly be, so this means getting prepared ahead of time. If you have never owned a dog before it is especially important that you research ways to make your perfect pup feel right at home. They are essentially stepping into a scary, big, new environment that the have never seen before. It is your job to ease their anxieties and get their tail wagging right away. Explore all of the following ideas to make your cute canine feel at home and he will be one of the family in no time.


Find a Way to Calm Their Anxieties

When it comes to getting a new cute pup you want the transition into your home to be as smooth and pain free as possible for them. Your big family home is going to seem pretty daunting to them so you should make sure you try to ease their worries whenever you can. You might want to consider is cbd oil safe for dogs; some pet owners swear by this natural remedy. However, every dog is completely different so speak to your vet if you need advice about medical care. Over time your new furry friend will learn to relax into their new environment so try not to get too impatient with this process.

Register Them at the Local Vet

It is very important that all of your pets are signed up and registered at the local veterinarian. You should also consider taking out pet insurance to cover any unexpected operations or medicine your puppy pal might need along the way. Your vet will be able to get you started with all of the relevant advice such as chipping and any shots he might need before venturing out into the big wide world.

Create Space for Them

Now it’s time to think about the physical changes you are going to need to make to your home. Even though your puppy pal might be small and cute now, in a few months or year’s he is going to be bounding gleefully around your house like nobody’s business. Make sure you are aware of how much space your individual dog breed needs and start creating it well ahead of time. Most new dog owners like to put their bed in the kitchen as it is often easiest to clean up if they have an accident during the night!

Invest in Plenty of Toys for Them

In order to welcome you perfect puppy into your home you should make sure that they have plenty of stimulating toys to play with. Toys that make noises or have a lot of texture can really help with a puppy’s development so allow them to choose their favourite!

Organize Their Schedule

It is so important to get your new dog into a schedule as soon as you can. This includes setting their meal times, creating a routine for their walks and giving them plenty of time to get the gist of potty training. The sooner your puppy can get into a schedule the sooner you will have a well behaved, trained up companion.

Consider a Puppy Pal for Them

Many people wonder if their new puppy needs a pal to play with; if one puppy isn’t quite enough for you then it certainly is an option. See how your furry friend gets on in the first month and look for signs of loneliness. You might find that a new pet for him helps to keep him entertained throughout the day if you have to go to work for a couple of hours. Not every puppy likes having to share the attention though so make sure you think about that decision carefully,

Getting a new puppy should be an exciting and enjoyable time for everybody in your household. You will always remember the moment that your new furry friend became a fully fledged member of the family. As long as you are patient and prepared, your playful puppy will settle into his new home before you know it!

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