Are Your Bad Habits Costing You Money?

When it comes to money, we’ve all got our own take on things. And that’s very natural. Because as humans, we’re all individual. So, of course we’re all going to find that the way in which we choose to do things or how we best approach things will be different. It’s personal. And what works for you might not be something that works for someone else, and so on. But that’s a huge part of life, because you are free to do as you please and to approach things in your own way. Yet, when it comes come to money, you are going to find that there are something things you do that can help your financial situation, and some things that will hinder it.

So this is where the idea of habits come in. Because whether you know it or not, you will spend your money out of habit. The way in which you choose to spend money or save money right now is going to be unique to you. And we’re all naturally either spenders or savers. But that’s not all, because there are also habits that we pick up in life that can affect our finances too. The things that you choose to spend on could be costing you in big ways. Let’s look at some of these things.

Take Out

First of all, if you cannot function in the morning without your first morning coffee, then you probably spend a lot of money in the week on your coffees. And if you know that you’re getting one or two or three Starbucks take outs each day, then this is going to add up. Or maybe you just get takeout food every single day? Work out what this is costing you!

Online Shopping

Next up, it could be that you spend a lot of money online. Are your credit card details registered online and easy to spend with? Do you just hit ‘buy now’ again and again and again? Then you may find that you’re a compulsive shopper, as talks about. It could be that you just cannot help yourself and you’re not able to save money because of it. So this might be something that you want to address to change that.

Eating Out

Another thing is eating out. Because maybe you don’t tend to get a lot of takeout, but you do eat out all of the time. And if you’re spending hundreds on this, there’s your savings. So work out what’s going to be in your best interests here.


Another thing that could be costing you, is your hobbies. If you know that you love to spend time online, on sites like, or socially and it comes with a price tag, a larger portion of your money may be spent on this. If you are spending very minimally in other areas of your life, then that’s great. But, if it is costing you too much money, this could be an area that you can quickly save on.

Living Above Your Means

Next up, it could be that you then find yourself just living way above the money that you’re earning. And this is easily done. When you’re a natural spender, spending money might make you happy. And maybe you want to go on vacations and dress nice and drive a nice car? That’s cool – if you can afford it. Living within your means is just so important. If your lifestyle habits are getting you into debt, it might be time to think about cutting back on them.

Trying To Impress Others

As a step on from that, it could be that you find yourself trying to impress others all the time. And if you’re always spending to make this happen, then you’re going to want to work on changing that as soon as you can. Because you’re not even spending money to make your life better – you’re doing it for other people!


But then finally, if you have an addiction, this too could be very costly for you. It’s something that is really hard for you to sometime accept or even acknowledge. But if you’re someone that spends a lot of money on alcohol or going out or cigarettes, or even drugs, then it’s time for you to cut back. Because this could then go on to affect the rest of your life too. So perhaps deciding to get help is going to help you in more ways than just one!



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