The Rewards Of Responsible Driving

Cars are a convenient mode of transport, and one of the easiest ways to get from point A to point B. They are so convenient, that more businesses are offering company cars as an incentive to get good workers to join their team. But whether you drive a company car, or you have your own vehicle, you need to remember one thing; a car is also a piece of heavy machinery that could potentially kill someone. Every time you pull out of your driveway, you are responsible for your own, and other people’s lives. Being a responsible driver is an obligation, but it does come with its own rewards.

Improves safety on the road

Responsible drivers never do anything that could endanger their own, or other people’s lives. They don’t drink and drive, text and drive, or drive over the speed limit even when they’re running late for meetings. But what really makes them stand out is the way they communicate with other drivers on the road. At some point, drivers can become lax in using their turning signals, moving to the right side of the road, or switching on their warning lights in good time, which results in delayed responses from the drivers behind them. At best, this could result in traffic slowing down, and at worst it could cause a minor accident with massive delays.

Reduces risk of accidents

Even if you’re in a car accident that doesn’t result in death, you can still get compensation through a personal injury lawyer if you sustain injuries that cause you to miss work for a long period of time. In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, make sure you call the police and exchange insurance information; this will go a long way towards helping personal injury correctly file your case. If there are any witnesses, make sure you get their details and take pictures of any injuries. Hopefully, you won’t need to take action, but if you’re going to miss work because of injuries, compensation can provide some relief. However, it’s not good to be on either side of a personal injury suit, and responsible drivers do everything they can to avoid accidents.

Preserves the environment

While responsible driving holds a lot of benefits for road safety, it also offers a big boon for the environment, because it lowers the rate of your CO2 emissions. Even if you have a car that’s designed to go further with less fuel, it doesn’t make sense to just make your car work harder for you, when you have the ability to take your fuel consumption into your own hands. Gentle acceleration and lower revs are also a characteristic of calmer driving, so you’re lowering your gas bills while you adopt safer driving techniques. If you have a company car, the fleet managers can now use a number of apps to monitor driving behavior, such as harsh acceleration or deceleration or differences in average speed. Driving responsibly cements your image as a model employee, and it also helps to preserve your company’s green image.

Reduces vehicle wear and tear

Harsh acceleration or deceleration also has an effect on the condition of your car. For example, your tires need to be rotated every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but they might need to be changed a lot sooner if you rev a lot. Responsible drivers also check their tire pressure regularly because they know that under-inflated tires can reduce the tire life by 15 percent, and will decrease your gas mileage by 10 percent. Responsible drivers also know that basic car maintenance, like changing the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, will add 20,000 miles to your gas mileage and protect your engine. It will last even longer if you avoid driving it for short journeys; these can significantly shorten the life of your muffler, and the cold starts are hard on your engine, mileage, and the environment. Adopting safe driving habits, combined with regular basic maintenance, will keep your car running in peak condition for a long time, and yield the biggest rewards of responsible driving. For all your maintenance needs check out Central Avenue Hyundai 

Better insurance rates

Although you can lower your car insurance payments by paying them annually instead of monthly, or a variety of other options, the best way to get an amazing deal is by lowering your risk. Prove that you’re a responsible driver with apps that track your driving habits, and you could make killer savings on your insurance.

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