Understanding What Affects the Cost of Vehicle Transportation

We live in a society where people are constantly busy and moving from one place to the next. Most of the time we are able to pack all our belongings into our car or a moving truck to relocate to our new home, other times the distance can prove challenging and we opt for professional services to move our assets. You may have moved many times before but it is not often we require the help of a vehicle transportation service. Understanding what affects the cost of vehicle transportation can give you more confidence when it comes time searching for professional vehicle transport companies.

Several factors are involved when it comes to calculating the cost to move a vehicle from point A to point B. The cost of transport is rarely a random number quoted by reputable car carrier businesses, instead the cost takes into account all the variables associated with completing the job from pick up to delivery.  Prices can differ greatly from one week to the next simply because moving a vehicle is unlike many other products and services on the market. Some of the most common factors that influence the overall cost of car transport include:

Fuel Price

The price of fuel is constantly changing and is dependent of economic activities. Car carriers rely on fuel to power their trucks and fuel is considered to be the biggest expense that is constantly in a state of inconsistency.

Distance Covered

The further a car needs to be carried, the more expensive it will cost. Although transporting a car within the same state can cost less overall, the cost per kilometre can be significantly more that transporting interstate.

Choosing Enclosed or Open Trailers

An added option is to choose between enclosed trailers or open car carrier trailers. This is totally optional but one is more expensive than the other. Open trailers are less expensive and have less wind resistance, however they do leave your vehicle vulnerable and exposed to outdoor elements. The opposite is true for enclosed trailers and offers your car an added layer of protection for a more premium price.

Pick up, Drop off and Delivery

Like couriers and parcel delivery, dropping off at the depot and picking up from the depot can provide some discounts, delivery straight to your home is certainly going to be the most expensive. This is where it is going to pay off knowing where the nearest depot is, it could be 20 minutes away or several hours away. Also the added costs involved along with time spent in getting to the depot are worth weighing up to see if you come out on top.

Type of Vehicle

Vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, and in the business where truck real estate is scarce, having a large vehicle can be costly. Basically, the more room it takes up on the trailer, the less amount of vehicles the car carrier can transport at once. Therefore large trucks, vans and 4wd vehicles are more expensive to transport than compact cars and sedans.

Standard or Express Car Delivery

Generally, companies can offer standard rates for delivery within 21 days or more expensive rates for those that require an express service. If you are able to go without your car and make alternative forms of transportation to get around whilst your car is being transported, you can benefit from less expensive standard rates.

When it comes to saving costs on car transportation, understanding what can influence the cost can be an advantage.  Also, comparing quotes and services from different car shipping companies can help find the right transporter for your circumstance. Although costs is a major factor in the entire decision making process, it should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a company to move your vehicle.


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