What Help You Can Expect from Your Bridesmaids

Becoming a bridesmaid is an honorable opportunity as it is a full-time unpaid job. But that’s part of the job. That is what comes with the job description of a bridesmaid. They are your personal cavalry to help you escape every crisis and every sticky situation. Hence, here are the five things you can expect from your bridesmaids.

1. Bridesmaid Dresses:

The first thing on the list is to help you pick from the options of bridesmaid dresses for themselves. And the second thing is that the bridesmaids should adamantly offer to pay for the dresses. Usually, brides offer to pay the bridesmaids back but the bridesmaids should stand to their grounds. This is a way to help the queen bride feel at ease.

2. Special Performance:

As a bridesmaid, it is her duty to dance until she drops. On the wedding, at the reception, at the bachelorette, and before the wedding, she has to dance. Unless she is going into labor, she should be seen dancing at that stage. Remember, this is how they can ensure a loyal team of bridesmaid at your wedding.

3. Pitch In Both Monetarily and Mentally:

You can and should expect that they will help in planning for your wedding. From the bridal shower to the bachelorette, you pitch your plan and money. So as a bridesmaid, she should take in charge of the situation to help you get motivated when anything gets wrong. It should be the responsibility of your bridesmaids to not to make you feel overburdened with everything you already have on your plate.

4. Attend Every Function:

A wedding function can entail as many as 5-6 extra functions. These functions include the bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding rehearsal etc. Every function is very important for you as the bride, and hence, every function is super important to the bridesmaids too.

Your demands as a bride and of course the need of the event calls for the bridesmaids to be there at every pre-wedding ceremony. And not just in a sitting-in-a-corner fashion, but in full-fledged involvement and wholeheartedly present manner. The bridesmaids dealing with a crisis or catastrophe get a pass. But for those who are passing up the event due to some minor inconveniences, I’d say- “Get it together”.

5. Listen to the Damsel in Distress:

Brides really are damsels in distress. They stress out, get hot flushes and may even get cold feet. It is the bridesmaid’s job to listen to the constant whining without resistance. It is their job to not let the bride become a runaway bride. The bridesmaids have to keep themselves from bursting and ruining the precious relationships they share with the bride. The bride can’t complain to the groom because he’s much stressed too. So listen to all the bitching.


The bridesmaids just need to pop a bottle of wine and let the bride relax. Also since the bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, they should as well get buy from a lot of cheap bridesmaid dresses.


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