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If you packed off and moved to the urban jungle you can sometimes be left a little starved of green.  Whilst it is brilliant living at the heart of the action with your finger on the pulse and social life to make all your friends jealous, you might be missing out on something special.  A little piece of earth to call your own.

While we might not all be green fingered it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a stunning garden when we see one.  From large rolling lawns that seem to go on for ages, to tiny little patios with beautiful pots, bursting with color.  The problem is, you may not have more than a herb box on your kitchen window if you live in an apartment.  It’s possible to have the best of both worlds though!


There are a number of options you can go for.  If you have a small balcony attached to your apartment then you could consider an eco or living wall.  These stunning vertical gardens aren’t only attractive to the eye, they also have a big impact on our urban environment and can significantly reduce pollution and toxins throughout our cities.  They also offer a little insulation to your house and can help keep it a little cooler in the summer.  So they save us money to boot!


Don’t over complicate a vertical garden.  Stick to simple greens which are nice and hardy (and don’t mind growing up and out) try to avoid climbers if you are not rich on time as you may end up driving your upstairs neighbor’s insane. 


If an eco wall isn’t an option then there are ways you can enjoy a garden indoors too.  First, consider your space and work out where you can add some foliage.  You could start as simply as placing some indoor plants such as a little bay tree or lavender around your living room.  You can then try your hand at growing lime or banana trees, or smaller plants like Orchids which add a little oriental spice to your home.


You can even grow vegetables indoors such as chilies and tomatoes.  Although they really enjoy sunny conditions to help sweeten and ripen their fruits, you could position them by a window and leave it open on sunny days to give it a little sun on its leaves.  Growing complementary herbs such as basil too will mean you can be a little self-sufficient and have a gorgeous Italian salad on hand.  Unless you end up picking and grazing that is!
There are loads of useful resources online to help you grow and understand the unique world of indoor gardens and so you can discover more about the health benefits of bringing the outside in.  You will notice a difference in the air you are breathing and a boost in your overall wellness too.  So, get those fingers greened up a little!

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