A Bond of Trust: Should You Let Your Fiancée Pick Your Wedding Ring?

Your wedding ring is the most crucial piece of jewellery you can ever win. Therefore, it is imperative to be demonstrative of your personal style in order to pick a model that goes with your preferences. When it comes to choosing your wedding ring, there is an element of romanticism to the idea of having your fiancée select a ring on your behalf. Here is what you need to know about picking your own ring or having your fiancée do the selection for you.

Allowing your Fiancée to Choose Your Ring

If you believe that your fiancée has a good grasp on what it is you like and will choose the best ring for you, then, by all means, allow them to select the piece. The point of ring exchange during the wedding will be even more romantic and poignant if you are surprised by the design of your wedding ring.

You also need to remember that allowing your fiancée to choose the ring for you creates all the mystery that will make your wedding exciting. An exciting part of any engagement or wedding proposal is looking at the ring and feeling amazed at has been selected for you by your significant other. On the other, choosing the ring together gets rid of the surprise because you will know exactly what you are buying. So if you are looking for that element of surprise, then you should allow your significant other to select the ring for you, but if your specific preferences, you can choose a ring for yourself.

Choosing the Ring Together

Nevertheless, more couples are choosing their wedding rings together. As mentioned, if you don’t trust the taste or preferences of your fiancée, or if you are comfortable making such a decision together, then you may decide to choose a wedding ring that meets both your needs. You can also schedule a preliminary appointment with your local jewellery shop to view the various styles and designs available. You can also visit this site for some of the best wedding ring selections.

Once the appointment is complete, both of you will get a clear vision metal and design you prefer before you can make the ultimate decision of purchasing the band. Always remember that the ring will remain on your finger for the rest of your life, so make sure you choose something that you both appreciate and love.

Talk it out

Before you can go for a wedding ring, make sure you discuss with your fiancée what exactly you are looking for. Make sure you both understand the cut of diamond you want, the number of carats expected, or any other expectations you would want.


The decision as to whether or not you let your fiancée choose your wedding ring for you will depend on a myriad of factors. Did you discuss your options together? Does your fiancée have a good taste? Do you trust your fiancée? If the answer to these questions is YES, then, by all means, allow them to pick the wedding ring. However, if you doubt their selection, you can either pick the rings together or do it yourself.


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