Building the nest: How to prepare your home for your upcoming arrival

It’s meant to be one of the most exciting times of your life, but few would disagree that it also happens to be the most stressful. That’s right, today’s topic is all about how to prepare your home for a new baby – and all of the considerations that you now have to consider (which you never have had to before!).

Suffice to say, the list here could be well and truly endless. For the purposes of prioritizing, we have condensed our list to some of the issues which so many soon-to-be parents don’t even think about prior to the big birth.

Making sure your washing machine can cope

If your washing machine is showing signs of slowing down, take a look at to try and resolve the issue before he or she arrives. Or, if your appliance happens to be on the older side, now might be the time to consider replacing it completely.

This is a period in your life where your washing loads are going to go through the roof. We’re not going to put any specific numbers into the equation, but let’s just say that a combination of accidents and general newborn activities will mean that you may even find that you’re doing multiple washes per day.

Don’t neglect the visitors

As you may soon find out, it can be quite easy for your house to fall into disarray somewhat in those first few weeks (and this is acceptable).

Something else you might find is that you have a queue of people who want to help you. It’s at this point that it should go without saying that these guests need to be looked after in some way. Sure, they’re not expecting silver service, but having a made-up bed is a start and something that you can do long before your little one is born.

Your kitchen will need decluttering

This next point is all about sheer convenience. This C-word is something you will rely on a lot during the coming months and to drill down specifically, you’ll want as much surface space as possible in your kitchen.

The last thing you want is to be pushing items all over the place as you bid to fit your bottle wrack on the tabletop. By decluttering, and perhaps removing one of those wedding-gift appliances you never use, you’ll be amazed at the effect it has on your productivity (and mood!).

Cook in bulk

We touched upon the point that your house might become somewhat neglected, and this will also span into your cooking.

Even if you fancy yourself as a master chef, when it comes to the crunch this will be the last thing on your mind.

Of course, living on ready meals isn’t a good alternative, and the same can be said about takeaways. The solution is to cook in bulk over the next couple of months before the birth. If you can freeze your meals, you’ll have good, quality food to eat when the times are hard and cooking is the last thing on your mind.


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