How to Check a New Residence Before Renting or Buying It

When you’re considering moving into a new rental, or planning to purchase a home, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. Just walking in blindly is a recipe for disaster because there’s all kinds of people in this world. Let’s face it — not all of them are good.

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If you’re planning a move and have an address to check out, here are some things you can discover when running a search for information about the people who’ve lived there and the neighborhood as a whole.

Renting? Get a Better Sense About the Landlord First

Dealing with a new landlord as a renter has its own share of risks and concerns. While landlords worry about their new tenants, the same goes for the renter though it gets mentioned far less often.

You can make use of a reverse address lookup residential search to check up on the landlord’s information based on their being the owner of the real estate. A search like this can reveal useful titbits of information such as how long they might have been the owner of the property which you can compare to what they’ve told you over the phone. It’s possible to learn other relevant information if there’s some public record of it on the property too.

These types of searches also bring up the latest contact information to compare it to what you know already. Any local neighbors are often available as extra information as well. For instance, a quick call to them might confirm if there have been any issues with the landlord and how they take care of the property.

Comparing Real Estate Listing Information to Public Records

When looking at a new piece of real estate for sale, it’s useful to use a reverse address search facility to verify that the information you’ve being supplied is indeed correct. Sometimes, information might be on the listing that’s in error because it was provided incorrectly to the listing agent or perhaps they misunderstood it. In any case, being able to double-check the information is very useful to establish the basic facts correctly.

In addition, using a reserve lookup tool like the excellent one from ensures that you get access to other recorded information that might not have been provided within the listing. This could clarify how the property is described legally, information collected previously in a census for that address, the home value, and previous sale values of the home over time. There’s also usually a list of both the previous owners and the current one too.

Learn About the Neighborhood

While the information that’s searchable and discoverable about the neighborhood isn’t comprehensive, it’s certainly an excellent place to start when using a lookup search tool. Neighborhood data often includes average sales prices, the local crime rate, the relevant authority for local schools, and other useful information.

Armed with this extra knowledge, spend time in the area walking around to get a feel for the place. Nothing replaces getting a sense of the surroundings by spending time within them.

It’s amazing what information can be discovered when looking up an address. When searching for a new place to live in a safe neighborhood and not wanting to move into a troubled area, perform as much due diligence as you can first.


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