8 Essential Tips and Techniques to Get Enough Money to Buy the Motorcycle of Your Dreams

Many of us have dreams and aspirations for things that we would like to see or do, and a good number also like to visualize what it would be like behind the wheel of your favorite car or starting the engine on your dream motorcycle.

If you have regular thoughts about how you might be able to afford the bike of your dreams and plan some amazing road trips with your special purchase, it might be time to start working on a plan to make those dreams come true.

Saving enough money for a big ticket item like a motorcycle requires a bit of planning and you also need to work out some strategies that will enable you to get all the cash you need to finally get those keys to the bike you have always wanted.

Here are some tips on how you can set about raising enough cash to finally buy the motorcycle of your dreams.

If you already have a bike

There is a fair chance that if you are a fan of motorcycles and love the feeling you get when you set out on a two-wheeled adventure, you might already own a bike, just not the one you really want above all others.

A good starting point for raising the money you need is to plan to sell your motorcycle that you already own in preparation for a bigger and better version.

It makes sense to see what sort of cash price you might get for the bike so that you have an idea of how much cash you can generate to put toward your dream motorcycle purchase.

Sell some things you don’t need any more

You should have a clear figure in mind as to how much money you need to raise to buy your dream bike and it is a good idea to keep a running total of how much you have so far, as this can provide extra motivation when you see your goal getting closer.

An easy way to raise some extra cash toward this figure would be to have a search around your home and put together a stack of items that you longer need or want.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised how much cash you could generate from sorting our your basement and being ruthless about what is surplus to requirements.

Hold a yard sale or advertise the items individually, then put the cash in the pot toward your target.

Got some skills?

If you are good with your hands and know how to repair things or have some solid DIY skills you might want to consider offering your services to others as a way of making some extra part-time cash.

If you are good with mechanics, for example, you might even be able to get some motorcycle repair and maintenance jobs that will give you some cash toward the bike you want to own.

Save money to make money

Another great way of generating some extra income that can go toward your bike fund is to make some savings on your existing monthly deals for cable and utilities.

It is always a good idea to review what you are paying from time to time to see if you are being overcharged and there is a lower monthly deal available elsewhere.

If you find that you can shift your deal away and make a monthly saving with another provider you can then stash that extra cash that you are saving away into your fund.

It’s a painless way of earning some extra money just for making a few calls or doing a handful of clicks online.

An easy way to make money online

Affiliate marketing is a bit of a no-brainer and could be a decent source of extra income if you have some success with this strategy.

It is simple and quick to set up an affiliate-focused website and if you are prepared to put in the time and effort you could soon be able to attract enough visitors to your site to make a reasonable amount of cash each month from the affiliate links you have created.

If you have an arts and crafts hobby

Sometimes you can stumble upon a viable business idea by accident and arts and crafts hobbies would be a good example of how that might happen.

If you are good at making all sorts of stuff from scratch and get comments from friends and relatives about how good they are, that could be the cue to get online and start selling some of these items on popular sites such as Etsy.

Get paid to review apps and websites

There are plenty of ways to make some extra money online and if you like spending a lot of time online browsing it makes perfect sense to see if you can get paid for your time.

One way of doing that is to sign up to a site like UserTesting.com which pays you for reviewing a wide range of different websites and apps.

Each review shouldn’t take up more than about twenty minutes of your time and you will get paid $10.00, on average, for each one you complete.

When you first sign up you might be asked to complete a test review and once you get accepted as a reviewer those regular payments could soon stack up and make a difference to your motorcycle fund.

Use your car or bike to earn money

If you already have a bike that you want to upgrade or run a car too, you could consider signing up to become a delivery driver or rider for local services such as Deliveroo.

There are also opportunities to earn money as a private hire driver with companies such as Uber if you want to use your car.

If you live in a city area, it might even be possible to use a bicycle to do your deliveries, which would get you fit and earn some extra cash at the same time.

A lot of these delivery service companies and taxi services are always looking for people who want to do some part-time hours. If you can fit some of this work around your normal weekly work schedule you could find that the money you can earn will give a real boost to your savings target.

Use some of these suggestions to raise some cash and you could be enjoying an exhilarating ride on your new motorcycle faster than you anticipated.


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