Make Your Car Work Harder For You

These days, when every cent counts, each purchase we make becomes more scrutinized. And when it comes to big purchases like home improvements and cars, it’s essential to make sure it’s affordable and value for money. You might discuss it at length with your partner, and you probably shop around to make sure you’re getting the very best deal? But is there any more you could do to make that purchase work even harder for you?

There has never been more choice in cars. For every person, there are several manufacturers and a wide range of models to choose from. You might be keen to have a sports convertible. Or perhaps you need a people carrier for your ever-growing family? Whether this is your first car or one prompted by a change in lifestyle, you need to pick carefully. So with so many to choose from, how do you find the one that is right for you?


It’s easy to fall in love with a beautifully designed car. But if you’re trying to live frugally, sometimes you need to look beyond the body work. Under the hood is an engine that could deliver all the power you need. It doesn’t have to be big either. And many insurance companies offer you cheaper rates if you select a less powerful engine.

Choose a compact, and you may enjoy even more savings. Best of all the cost of fuel will go down as it won’t guzzle as much gas. Of course, an electric or hybrid could save you even more here.


If you regularly have passengers like friends or kids, you’re going to need a vehicle with enough leg room in the back. And if you’ve got pushchairs or big dogs, you’re going to need even more space. Of course, with that extra space comes the extra cost.

Why not recoup those costs? Become an Uber driver or make small deliveries across town to make your car work harder for you. Using your car to make money can help you in plenty of ways. All you need is a little extra time.


When it comes to money, your car is considered to be an asset. You might consider it an essential purchase too. After all, most commutes to workplaces and even many jobs cannot be done without a personal car.

Money Saving

As well as making borrowing easier, your choice of car might make the cost of living a little cheaper too. We’ve already looked at small cars being cheaper to run and insure. And we know electric cars can halve your mileage costs in fuel. But did you know that your car could save you more money than using public transport?

If you check the cost of regularly using an Uber, a cab, or the train, you might find it is cheaper to drive. Find cheap parking and less congested routes to save even more money. Drive carefully and considerately to save on wear and tear and tire damage too.

Creature Comforts

Most of us would struggle without our creature comforts. Did you know that the add-ons for a vehicle can be highly desirable? Even if you’re about to buy your first career, consider what extras would help you enjoy the drive even more. The things you’re keen to have are undoubtedly the things that will make your car easier to sell when you’re ready to trade up too.

Satellite navigation are often fitted as standard these days. Heated seats, extra security, and low costs per mile can also be attractive. Leather seats, smart audio systems, and even the body color can make or break a future sale.

Size Matters

You are a unique person with your own needs for a vehicle. If you’re petite, then the world of compact cars may be wide open to you. Of course, if you’re very tall, then you need something bigger and more comfortable. To make your car work harder for you, it needs to be right for you in the first place. Sure, a bargain motor can be very attractive on paper, but if it doesn’t drive well, then you’re the one doing all the work! At Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram thru have many great vehicles to choose. 

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