Not Just Skin Deep – 5 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best This Summer

Photo by Lisa Liza on Pixabay
Everyone loves the summer. Warm weather and plenty of sunshine make the perfect combination for outdoor parties and adventures. Even if you have no summer vacation plans, chances are you’ll be spending time at the pool, the ocean or other outdoor venues where you will want to look and feel your best. Below are 5 tips that will get you ready to rock an incredible summer.

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Women's Motorcycle Casual Wear Buying Guide

Motorcycle lovers from around the globe love to sport their attire whether they are on the bike or not. Choosing protective gear is always important when on the bike but you also want to be comfortable. BikeBandit offers protective gear when on the bike as well as comfortable casual gear for you to wear when you are off the bike.

At BikeBandit they offer an array of authentic women’s casual clothing that is stylish and comfortable to wear every day. While it is not smart to just wear a t-shirt on a motorcycle BikeBandit also has protective gear to wear so you can still be comfortable and fashionable too.

For some people bike riding is a way of life and others it is something they enjoy on their free time. Many bikers have brands they are dedicated to and are passionate about showing their admiration for what they love. Do you love Suzuki? Honda? Yamaha? At Bikebandit you can find licensed authentic casual biker shirts so you can display your love for these brands you trust. Not only does BikeBandit offer motorcycle casual apparel, they do have a great selection of sunglasses, watches, wallets and more. If you are on the search for great selection at good prices check out BikeBandit today for your motorcycle needs. Happy riding!

Preparing For Road Trips With Your Infant

Traveling with a young child can be difficult.  This is especially true when that child is under one year old.  Utilizing proper forethought and planning a long road trip with infants can have their issues minimized.  Of course, while this is a general guide, you know how your baby handles drives better than anyone else.  Therefore, it will be important for you to modify this list to suit you and your child’s needs. Read More

Is Your Kid's Car Seat Safe?

You might think that because you have a car seat set up you’re your child and you have comprehensive insurance coverage in place, your kids are protected during your car journeys, but that sadly might not be the case. You see, various studies have shown that parents not only ignore car seat set-up advice, but that many of them have incorrectly installed car seats and this could be putting their children at risk. Read More

Car Love-Hate Story

A car is a symbol of freedom. It can take you anywhere you need to be, within reasonable circumstances. But cars are not always as fun and quirky as Pixar’s film seems to suggest. In truth, the first thing that any driver would have noticed is that cars not only don’t drive themselves but they also can’t express their issues as clearly as Pixar made them do. Also, there is no way that your car will look as friendly as Lightning McQueen is. So, it would seem logical to feel neutral about your everyday car. After all, it doesn’t talk, it doesn’t have an exciting lifestyle, and more importantly, it doesn’t have any moral value. It’s a vehicle, after all. Nobody looks at their car with a neutral eye. A car can be liked, loved even sometimes, appreciated, hated, or despised too. People have a love-hate story with their car.   Read More

Tire Safety

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle when it comes to keeping you on the road safely.  According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), there are more than 500 deaths every year due to tire-related accidents.  There are also about 19,000 individuals who are hurt every year for the same reason.  The sad part of the fact is that most of these were preventable by maintaining proper tire pressures and replacing them when wear occurs. Read More

Cleaning Your Automobile for Best Resale Value

Keeping a clean car not only makes you feel better about driving it but helps maintain the interior for many years to come and gives you higher resale value.  Occasionally, detail is in order as standard cleans are no longer sufficient.  This tutorial will give you a quick run through of how to make sure your vehicle stays the cleanest.  It is best to work from top to bottom and back to front.   This will make sure you don’t dirty an area that you had already cleaned. Read More