Car Love-Hate Story

A car is a symbol of freedom. It can take you anywhere you need to be, within reasonable circumstances. But cars are not always as fun and quirky as Pixar’s film seems to suggest. In truth, the first thing that any driver would have noticed is that cars not only don’t drive themselves but they also can’t express their issues as clearly as Pixar made them do. Also, there is no way that your car will look as friendly as Lightning McQueen is. So, it would seem logical to feel neutral about your everyday car. After all, it doesn’t talk, it doesn’t have an exciting lifestyle, and more importantly, it doesn’t have any moral value. It’s a vehicle, after all. Nobody looks at their car with a neutral eye. A car can be liked, loved even sometimes, appreciated, hated, or despised too. People have a love-hate story with their car.  


Cars Tell Everything About You

Throughout your life, you will have more than one car. From your very first car, as a fresh new driver, to your comfortable choice as an experienced and wealthy driver, every single one of your car will tell your secrets to those who know where to look. Your first car will be an attempt to show off in front of your friends, but the choice will nevertheless be dictated by its price. As a result, it is likely to be a second-hand car or an electric model if you have a soft sport of the environment. Your first professional car will be a different model. It will be a small urban car that lets your drives smoothly through traffic to get to work every day. You may even be tempted by a brand new car, as you’ve got a professional image to maintain. This will evolve when you start a family. You will need a child-friendly car. And it won’t be until the kids finally leave for college that you will be able to buy the car of your dreams.

They Can Be Demons On The Road

Besides telling the story of your life, cars can be demonic creatures on the road. With over 3,000 deaths per day due to car accidents in the USA. Up to 50 million individuals are injured or even disabled every year as the result of a car crash. In other words, every year the life of 50 million of Americans changes dramatically for the worst. By 2030, road traffic is predicted to become the 5th main cause of death in the world, so here’s a thought to keep in mind: Cars can be bad indeed.

But They Can Make Everything Possible

Road trip

Millions of drivers have fallen in love with road trip holidays. So much in fact that the road trip has become a signature adventure of the USA. For many, it seems that the car is the only escape from the harsh reality of life. Only the car can take you to the discovery of new horizons, giving you a taste of freedom like nothing else before. It’s no wonder we love road trips. They are the motorized version of the American dream: Be free and enjoy life behind the steering wheel.  Millers Auto Group has a variety of vehicles in stock to make that road trip happen. 

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