Cleaning Your Automobile for Best Resale Value

Keeping a clean car not only makes you feel better about driving it but helps maintain the interior for many years to come and gives you higher resale value.  Occasionally, detail is in order as standard cleans are no longer sufficient.  This tutorial will give you a quick run through of how to make sure your vehicle stays the cleanest.  It is best to work from top to bottom and back to front.   This will make sure you don’t dirty an area that you had already cleaned.

Start with removing everything that did not come with the vehicle.  After that is completed you will want to get into all of the corners and push out any dirt that has collected.  You can use simple things such as toothbrushes, dowels, and cotton balls or que tips. Just remember that you should be cleaning the top of the car to the bottom.  Once that is completed run a vacuum over the car to get out the additional crumbs that were just pulled out.

The next thing you will want to do is use a deep-cleaning fabric cleaner and clean the cloth seats and carpeting.  Make sure you allow plenty of time to dry before doing it a second time.  This will make sure that you can see what needs to be worked with more detail.   The next item is to clean the trim, dash, and other solid areas.  You want to make sure that you do not use any ammonia products on the plastics as it could cause it to bleach.

Now that this has been completed, it is time for a final vacuum to get the inside nice and clean.  Washing the outside car is pretty direct, but do not do it directly in the sunlight.  Starting top to bottom again will not only prevent from dirty water going over a clean section but also prevents unnecessary scratches as the bottom will be dirtier than the top.

I would let the car completely dry prior to moving the vehicle as the cleaners typically will attract more dirt when you are on the move.  At this point, your vehicle will be ready to bring to a dealership such as Weston Nissan for the highest resale value.


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