A Family Full Of Cars: What To Do With Them When You’re Moving

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that there are more cars on our roads than ever. Not long ago, families had one vehicle on the drive, two if they were lucky. Now, many homes have more cars than parking spaces. Hence why many of our streets have streams of cars on both sides.

But, what’s incited this change? For the most part, it’s come about due to an increased need for access to cars. Commutes are now common practice, and a car is a necessary part of that. Hence, teens get driving as soon as possible, and get a car to match the two their parents already have. With a family of four, then, four cars isn’t unheard of.

For the most part, this doesn’t prove a problem. Until it comes time to move house. A stressful experience at the best of times, this becomes worse when you have an army of cars to consider. If you’re moving locally, it’s no issue. You can make separate trips to pick up each car, or just drive to your new home individually. But, if you’re moving across states, things get more complicated.

Of course, no one wants to undergo a long journey alone. But, the expense is the main issue you’ll face. Fuel isn’t cheap, and it’s not exactly cost effective to use four times the amount necessary. Moving home is already expensive enough, without the extra cost. So, it’s worth thinking about how to save money when making your move. And, we’re going to look at your two main options here.

Your cars instead of a removal company

Depending on the size of your vehicles, you may be able to use these instead of a moving van. This step would still involve making individual trips, but you would be able to rest easy that your costs were covered by what you saved. And, with a long-distance move, you can be sure you’ll save a fair amount. Not to mention that this option will be much less stressful than working with an outside company. You won’t have to worry about organizing times and so on.

Of course, it’s important to accept that we can’t all fit our lives in the boots of four cars. This is especially the case if you intend to take large furniture with you. But, if you’re leaving behind the big stuff, you’d be surprised how much you can fit into a vehicle.

Trust a transport company

Your only real alternative is to contact a vehicle transport company who can move the majority of your cars for you. That way, you can travel together, providing you with company, and only one fuel tank to worry about.

Of course, a transport company will cost you, so it’s worth calculating whether this will be worthwhile. Consider how much you would spend on fuel, then compare that to the amount you’ll each pay for transport. You may find that the difference isn’t as extreme as you expected. 

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