Dangerous Things to Do While Driving to Teach Your Children

Because you have not had an accident for years does not automatically mean you are a safe driver. It just means that other road users have been alert enough if you have made a mistake. The problem is that once you pass your driving test you are left on the roads for many years without having another one. You can pick up bad habits and unless you went on another driving course, you would probably not even realize. However, when your children start having driving instruction, don’t be surprised if they point things out you should not be doing, just as there is no doubt you will tell them no to do certain things.

Don’t Look At Your Phone

Teenagers of today love their phones and they are very rarely without them. However, you cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that they do not use their phone while driving. Reading takes more concentration than they may realize and looking at their text messages or social media could be fatal. It is better they get home with a few missed calls than not make it home at all.

In fact, they should never do anything that will distract them, or they could end up as one of the many teenagers that are killed on US roads every year.

Don’t Drink and Drive

They could be under peer pressure to have a couple of beers before they drive home but you must drum into them how important it is that they don’t. Tell them that you do not want to be putting DUI lawyers into your search engine and that not drinking and driving is so crucial you will take the keys from them if you become aware that they have done this.

Don’t Drive with Headphones

Driving is not just about what you can see around you, it is about what you can hear as well. They may well want to listen to music, but they should not wear headphones or have the music so loud they cannot hear anything else. Deaf people manage because they are used to being more alert, but people with normal hearing do not have that advantage.

If their car starts to sound not right, or there is an emergency vehicle approaching, they will not hear these things if they have headphones on.

Keep Total Control Of The Car

They should always be in total control of the car and not let anyone or anything change that. They should not have their pet dog on their lap, for example, or let one of their friends mess with the steering wheel.

Don’t Pick Things Up

You should explain to them just how dangerous it can be to try and bend to pick something up they have dropped.  It means that for a few seconds their eyes are off the road and that is all it takes to cause a serious accident. Whatever it is, they should wait until they can pull over safely before retrieving it.

When your children learn to drive it is a chance for you to learn from each other., and hopefully, that will make you both safer divers.

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