How To Be Cost-Effective When Installing Wood Floors For Your Home

When you want to be cost-effective in installing wood flooring for your home, it is best to use engineered wood flooring. It has more gorgeous looks with practical benefits. Indeed, when you want an excellent choice and experience the luxury of solid hardwood, the engineered floors will be at an affordable price.


Here are some of the most affordable but high-quality engineered wood flooring:

Linton Floors

Made of European Oak Wood with the feature of beveled edges and revealing the beauty of the characteristics of an Oak.

Linton floors have a thick wear layer that is perfect for places with heavy foot traffic. It is also resistant to changes in humidity and temperature, which becomes ideal for kitchen and basements.


Well-known for its gorgeous shades that range from dark to light and medium. You can have a choice of different finish such as lacquered, matt lacquered, oiled, and hand distressed. Moreover, Tuscan floors are reliable and durable. You can also choose from a different variety of wood species.


Kahrs is the world’s first engineered floor. The Swedish manufacturer is known for its ultimate quality and eco-friendly engineered wood floors.

There are plenty of options with over 200 types of engineered wood floors featuring a wide variety of species. Kahrs floors are incredibly stable, durable, and resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture. The manufacturer uses eco-friendly practices. They take the local wood using conservation-friendly methods and conversion of waste into energy.


Hadlow can give you the authenticity of real European wood. These floors are in different wood grades. So, whether you are a busy household that sees heavy footfall or a commercial facility that needs a tough flooring, Hadlow engineered floors are up to any challenge.

With the best deals from wood floor installation Dallas, these engineered wood floors become affordable.

  • Refinishing instead of replacing

It is advisable that you better refinish a worn-looking hardwood floor. It is least the expensive option that can work best if you know like the look of your current floor. You can sand and put a new coating or two of finish. The solid hardwood can be refinished multiple times while the engineered- wood flooring can be refinished fewer times.

  • Choose your best wood species

When a homeowner starts to shop for their wood flooring, the first thing in their mind is the color, shade, and appearance. It is best that you know what the different looks of different wood species are. It is best that you grab a photo through your camera-phone so you will not forget. If you are a lover of light-colored floors, then your wood preference may be ash or maple. If you are a fan of medium-shade levels, you probably like hickory or oak. If you get attraction from dark-colored floors, it is best to consider mahogany or walnut. Each species has a price range, and it would be easy for you to decide depending on your budget.

  • Consider the grain

The cut of wood’s grain differs. If the wood is cut at the sawmill, the price will be higher. If you want a grain that runs across the board in a wave pattern, then you look for wood that is cut by a dull saw because it is least expensive.

  • Consider looking at the grade

The physical characteristics are the basis of grading the wood floors. The plank’s grade is “clear” if they have the same color and fewer knots and wormholes. If the plank has a natural look, it is graded as “Select” where is has color variations, knots and mineral streaks. Furthermore, if the plank has more color variations, knots, and wormholes, it is “No. 1 Common”. Lastly, the rustic style is having a grade of “No. 2 Common”.

Typically, the grade “Clear” is more expensive, while the “common grades” are affordable.

  • Do-it-yourself: Learn to install the flooring

Remember that it is a valuable and high sense of ownership if the homeowner installs the wood floors by themselves. However, laying a wood floor requires patience, skill, and knowledge.

Floors are the aspect of your home that gives life and elegance. Installing may always be costly, but it is never impossible to make installing wood floors cost-effective.


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