Car Issues That Start Off Small But Can Increase In Danger Over Time




Driving is very enjoyable and practically useful activity, but it can also be quite dangerous. Until the days when all of driving is automated, there are always going to be crashes, difficulties and accidents that occur as a result of driving tons of functioning metal around. Many people after passing their tests are convinced that they are the safest drivers on the road, and that it’s the responsibility of everyone else around to behave the same way they do. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be confident in your ability to drive, in fact a confident road driver is much better and safer than someone who is over-cautious. However, in your confidence you might neglect a few vehicle difficulties that can start off small, but over time have a large effect on the negative functioning of your vehicle.


Cracked Glass


Cracked glass, especially on the windshield might seem like a minor issue. Surely a little crack won’t do much to hurt the integrity of the whole shield? Surely car windshields are made of stern glass that can prevent these things from becoming too much of a problem? While you might be correct in that windshield are becoming more durable over time, you’d be wrong to think that it’s a non issue. A small crack often leads to a bigger crack, and a bigger crack takes hardly any extra stress to make the windshield smash entirely. If you’re driving fast on the highway and something hits the windshield for example, a smashed windshield will most likely make you lose control of the vehicle even if you’re not injured by the treated glass. For this reason, auto glass rock chip repair and windshield replacement should be your first port of call in the event of a crack. It’s never worth ignoring.




This is less of a maintenance requirement to keep, but an attitude to stay away from. After people become more and more confident on the roads, it’s easy for them to take little shortcuts in their driving habits that can serve to make the time on the road even more dangerous. An overconfident driver might be comfortable with pushing the speed limit even if the conditions don’t warrant hitting those upper limits, as well as overtaking vehicles without paying attention to the local traffic.


It might be coming around corners without checking for motorcycles, or simply feel road rage when someone cuts up their traffic flow or simply shows disrespect to them on the road. While you should be confident on the road, you should never feel like the roads are yours, even if you drive the same ones everyday. Keep a humble approach to driving and stay as a lifelong learner of the road. This can drastically reduce your chances of an accident without any money or excess effort spent.




The tire inflation level will always be a problem to take care of, but so will smaller punctures. It’s always annoying to see that when using the spare tire to cover a tire that has been compromised get injured itself. However, you must ALWAYS have a fully functional  spare on your vehicle, and should aim to replace the spare as soon as possible. If you neglect to do this, the law of annoying karma will dictate that you will be without it when you need it the most.


Lack Of Knowledge


There’s a lot that goes into learning how to drive. Traffic rules, the best ways to operate the car that we’re in as well as driving people safely and practically. However, after passing your test, you might not feel any need to keep on top of your driving knowledge. This hole in your knowledge can occur over time, and increases as your memory gets worse. Keep refreshing your knowledge of the rules of the road in order to keep yourself a well oiled and safe member of the traffic flow. This should increasingly be taken as you get older, and even taking on extra driving lessons might be a good idea to refresh your memory. Getting rid of any flaws in your driving career or erasing bad habits are both worth their weight in gold.


Driving as a safe citizen on the road is much more that handling a car well. It’s the ability to be perceptive, to maintain your physical health and sleep levels to the degree that you can focus, and the willingness to obey the laws even when you’re in a very urgent rush.

Keep on top of these tip and you’re sure to prevent small issues becoming hard to solve. 

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