Focus Is Everything On The Road


Out of all the different lessons you can learn about how to drive safely, no-one can deny that one of the single most important is being able to keep your focus fully on the road. When you’re driving, a few seconds of extra control can be the difference between an accident and a journey gone wrong. Here, we’ll look at how you maintain the focus you need.

Keeping your eyes on the road

There are plenty of everyday little distractions that we allow to get in our way when we’re driving. Checking the phone, having a snack on the way to your destination, doing your makeup, chatting with your friends. We need to curb our habits and keep our eyes on the road, even when parked. This includes knowing when to tell people to shut up in the car. If they don’t take your need to drive seriously, they shouldn’t be in the car. This message needs to go out particularly to the teens using your car, who tend to most commonly get into accidents related to distraction.

Learning situational awareness

More than knowing what’s ahead of you and what’s behind, learning defensive driving and improving your spatial and situational awareness is crucial to staying safe on the road. Being watchful of other drivers, learning to anticipate their movement, and even giving them more leeway when you are legally in the right can stop you from getting injured by someone else’s rash decisions. You should consider fitting a rear-view camera on the vehicle so you can get a better grasp of your situation than your mirrors can give you, too.

Don’t let the car distract you

It’s not only your habits that can really get in the way of your ability to drive distraction free. The car itself can sometimes pipe up in the most inconvenient of ways. Your tires can be some of the most dangerous distractions, too. Tools like a tire pressure monitoring system can ensure that underinflated tires don’t heat up to the point they fight you for control of the car when you need it the most. If you have any lights on the emergency dash sounding, or you hear untoward noises from the engine and brakes, you want to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Drive only in your best condition

A good way to assure that you’re able to keep your focus on the road is by making sure you’re totally fit to drive. Driving under the influence is never a good idea and you should hand your keys off as soon as you take a drink. But drowsy driving is the danger that most drivers tend to ignore until it’s too late. Avoid letting sleep take control on the road even if it means finding a safe spot to park and take a nap.

Whatever barriers there are to you keeping your focus on the road, you need to get rid of them. Practice defensive driving, greater situational awareness and make sure your car is always ready to take on the road, rather than take on your patience

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