The 5 Vehicles That Tell The Story Of Your Life

Over the years you’ll probably buy several different vehicles to suit your ever-changing lifestyle. What was your first car? Was it fast and sporty, or small and economical? What will your next car be? Something to fit in 4 kids, or something nippy for the city? We all have different needs. Despite the allure of the most attractive, speedy, and expensive cars in the magazine, chances are you’ll pick something more practical:

Young, Free and Single
The first vehicle you ever buy will be the one that represents your new-found freedom. It will become your pride and joy and will undoubtedly be something you want to show off to your friends. We tend to pick something that closely resembles our ideals or most strongly held beliefs too. The environmentally aware might pick a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Maybe those with a love for power and noise would be more comfortable with a Dodge Charger Hellcat Edition. You might even enjoy spending your free time cleaning and maintaining your car, especially if it’s used.

Off to College
Many students find it necessary to sell their cars to make ends meet while they’re studying. After all, there will be times when you must prioritize your education over your wheels! Cute scooters and bicycles often become the norm while you’re living on campus. Not only are they quaint but they cost next to nothing. They’ll still get you about, and you can usually make it to town and back without getting too tired. Best of all, they’re great for keeping your fit and active.

First Rung of The Career Ladder
Not many graduate jobs come with a car benefit anymore. Instead, you’ll have to invest on your own. The humble small car is often favored here as it is reliable, cheap to run and insure, and will keep the weather off you during your commute. Those frustratingly small parking bays are no problem when you’re in something like a Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger. Buying new also puts you on the first rung of the car ownership ladder. Hire purchase agreements often allow easy trade-ins for the next new model after a minimum period.

So Many Kids
They may not all be yours, but as a parent, you’ll be taking a few around. Your three-door hatchback simply doesn’t work when you’ve got to get baby seats and toddlers in and out of seat belts. Kids are less than careful with your car too. Avoid getting sued by choosing a car with a sliding rear door! That way you won’t be pranging any other cars in the parking lot. You might feel a bit like a soccer mom driving something like a Chrysler Pacifica, but chances are you actually have become a soccer mom at this point!

Finally, Something You Love
Of course, it doesn’t take too long to find that place in life where you can afford bigger and better. From powerhouses like Dodge Challenger SVT to the fun and Jeep Renegade, you know you want comfort and prowess. If it looks good and feels good, you’ll love it. No matter what your perfect vehicle is, you will be able to find it with the professional help at Lone Star Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & RAM.

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