The Car Wash That’s Worth $2000



Cars, trucks, vehicles or every kind are expensive. It probably goes house first and then vehicle second; so it is definitely up there in huge expenditures. That is why it so important that you get top dollar when it comes to selling it. That is why it is so important that you know what will affect the resale value of your once beloved four-wheel friend.


You may not think that the little things – the minutia – like dirty rims, stained seats, and dents will matter too much when it comes to selling, but these little things – the minutia – will act as an indicator to any buyer; these little things will tell them just how well you looked after your car. To put a figure on it, a quick tidy up job on a middle-of-the-range vehicle could be worth up to $2000.


Exactly. As such, here are some of the industry’s top tips when it comes to sprucing a car up before you head to the dealer to trade it in. 


Don’t Let Your Love Fade

The paintwork on a car fades with time. That is part and parcel of ownership, it is part and parcel of leaving your car on the drive whether you live in a sunshine state or a rainy subdivision. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks on getting a new paint job to fix this issue; a quick wax and polish will do the trick. So take a look at the inside of the door to see what the original color was and then start working towards this. And remember, t doesn’t have to be perfect, just better.


Shiny Shoes (and Hat)

Nothing adds to a car’s luster and value as much as having a set of shiny wheels. The reason for this is your rims are what sets your car apart from others, it is what makes your paint job pop. So really take the time to get these as clean as possible, the tire walls too. This isn’t the only shine you should look for though. Anything that could shine, should shine. It could be that you have a jeep with a tonneau cover that needs buffing up or even a new one. It could be that you have put chrome wing mirrors on and matching door handles. If it shines, buff it; that should be a golden rule of yours.


Cast Some Light On It

Sorry, but nothing says your car is old and worn out like headlights that barely illuminate your garage. Basically, dingy headlights are an absolute no go. What’s more, they are so easy to clean; you don’t even need a specialist product for these, you just needs toothpaste. So spare yourself the five or ten minutes it will take to bring these back to life and then send us a little thank you email when you make a few hundred extra bucks off the back of it.
Of course, it is worth noting that all of this effort will go to waste if you don’t give the inside of your car a good clean and tidy. Get the vacuum out and a wet sponge and go to work on making the inside sparkle too.

After you get your car all cleaned up bring it down to Easterns Automotive Group to trade in.


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