What exactly is Motor Oil?

We have all know that it is important to change your oil at the manufacturers recommended timeline to properly maintain the vehicle.  Do we know what it really does much beyond that?  It is a common understanding that it lubricates the engine parts and this is true.  Did you know that the oil in your engine serves as at least three more very important purposes? Read More

The 2020 Toyota Supra

For many years Toyota was dormant with the cries of drivers for a new Supra.  Finally, in 2020 Toyota is delivering their demands to the customer’s doors.  Three different models are being offered to the consumers, starting with the high-end Launch Edition.  While there is much cost difference between the three editions, each is geared towards different tastes. Read More

Benefits of Leasing Vehicles

Do you not drive a lot of miles within a year and like to have the latest models vehicles?  Leasing may be the option for you if these criteria match your desires.  There are many benefits in leasing a vehicle versus purchasing a new vehicle every four to five years ago.  Let us discuss the benefits of moving yourself into a lease and away from owning. Read More

2020 Jeep Gladiator

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator looks like the ultimate answer between deciding between a Wrangler and a pickup truck.  This rugged vehicle has room enough for five and all of their cargo as well!  As to be expected, it also has all of the features and off-road capabilities that you would expect out of a Jeep product. As the bulk of the Jeep series, the doors and roof are removable providing for a high-end off-roading experience.  This is the only pickup truck in the industry right now with these options. Read More