What exactly is Motor Oil?

We have all know that it is important to change your oil at the manufacturers recommended timeline to properly maintain the vehicle.  Do we know what it really does much beyond that?  It is a common understanding that it lubricates the engine parts and this is true.  Did you know that the oil in your engine serves as at least three more very important purposes?

To keep your engine clean, having fresh oil in your vehicle is very important.  Oil removes debris, dirt, and other accumulating scum from staying within your engine.  This is removed when your old oil comes out in the oil change.  Also, most modern oils have some sort of formula that includes some type of specialized detergent to assist with this process.

As previously stated, the oil does reduce friction and stress on the moving parts inside of the crank case and block.   Since it is reducing the amount of friction, it also reduces the amount of heat that would be dissipated from the engine if old oil existed and not providing proper lubrication.  Overheating the engine can cause parts inside of the engine to prematurely fail.  It also carries the heat away from more vulnerable parts of the engine such as the piston rings preventing these from failing early.

Without the proper changing of the oil, your engine would suffer from corrosion and rust. It is important to mention that simply topping off the oil is not going to resolve the issue on its own.  The old oil that still exists within the engine will receive more stress that will increase the stress and friction on your pistons and engine.

While there have been great advantages with synthetic oil blends, it is still important to change your oil at the proper intervals.  Depending upon the synthetic blend, the manufacturer may recommend longer mileage between oil changes.  For more information on the benefits of synthetic oil, visit our friends over at Reedman-Toll Nissan of Drexel Hill. 

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