Maintaining Your Jeep After Beach Driving

Driving your Jeep on the beach can be a fun experience, but it is important to make sure that you follow a few precautions to make sure that your vehicle maintains great condition of years to come.  Some of the best advice comes from common sense that sometimes becomes overlooked.  When driving on the beach, try to keep your windows rolled up to prevent sand from being kicked into your vehicle and all over the interior of your vehicle.  Another way to prevent this is to only open one side of the vehicle at a time.  This will prevent a wind tunnel from forming encouraging sand particles from being blasted into your vehicle.

Knowing what type of conditions to drive in is important as well.  Make sure that you aren’t driving through soft wet sand that can cause your vehicle to start sinking.  This is not a good way to wash off your vehicle and will most likely cause more issues than solve.  This is especially true if the water is fast moving causing a slippage of your tires.

Cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicle when off the sand prior to heading home will be necessary to ensure fast setting corrosion does not occur.  It is also extremely important to give the vehicle a complete wash either on the way home or when you do arrive home.  This is to prevent the corrosive water and abrasive sand from causing damage to your vehicle as it sits.

As well, it is important to check your vehicle to ensure that the rough driving conditions did not create any minor issues or breaks.  Catching issues early can prevent much larger issues down the road.  In fact, I would recommend with harsh off road driving that you regularly have your vehicle checked for stress issues every time you take your vehicle to get the oil changed at your dealership. If you do find any issues with your Jeep, take it immediately to a certified Jeep repair center such as Bedford Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep & RAM.


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