Manufacturer Versus Third Party Parts, Is It Worth It?

In either situation where you are trying to do an automobile repair yourself or at a garage you are faced with one simple question.   Do I use manufacturer made parts of those from a third party?  To me, the answer is truly quite simple.  Nothing beats a manufacturer part when trying to repair your vehicle.  Let me show you why saving a few extra dollars up front may not be worth the headaches in the long run. 

In a situation where your vehicle is still under warranty, it is important you take the vehicle to your warrantied repair shop as they will use manufacturer parts. Using parts that are not original specifications will void your warranty.  Typically, this is not an issue as your warranty shop will already replace the malfunctioned part with the correct one.

The first major difference between an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part and a third-party one is the quality of the item itself.  Typically, these companies will make a part that will work for multiple different vehicle types to reduce production costs.  As a result, the part will not operate to the same specifications as the OEM’s equivalent.  Due to the part not fitting correctly and commonly performing slightly improperly, it causes premature failure.  This could also lead to a second problem with not being able to install the part easily.

As previously mentioned, third-party parts are not correctly fit so these companies can mass produce for multiple vehicle types.  This can cause a safety issue as the part prematurely degrades and has the potential to break unexpectedly.  This can cause to be a real problem if the part is one from your suspension or braking systems.

Typically, the parts departments can provide you the right tool for the job as well when performing in depth repairs.  Another nice feature is the advice they can provide as you order.  It is my recommendation to either bring your vehicle to or purchase the parts from a OEM parts distributor such as Fred Martin SuperStore and their Mopar genuine parts.

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