New Tech Could Make Your Old Car New Again

Has your car seemed to lack the luster that it used to have but you are not ready to trade it in yet?  Advances in technology have provided excellent add-ons for your vehicle that are not as expensive as you may have thought.  Every year new technology seems to be coming out on the latest models.  After that, aftermarket companies find ways to bring this same technology to others while reducing the cost by perfecting the manufacturing process. 

The most common systems that have been placed into the newer vehicles within the past few years are the entertainment systems in the place of the standard car radio.  These often combine the navigation systems, smart phone Bluetooth connectivity and can even add hotspot capability for the passengers.  Android and iPhone designers have developed their own systems that are integrated into these aftermarket systems.

Radar detectors have become more than just the old noise makers of yesteryear.  Bluetooth compatibility and GPS integration allows for local speed limits with over speed warnings.  The device can also send your phone information about speed and red light cameras.  The GPS also learns where the false positives are and assists in reducing these to provide a more accurate experience. In Addition, some vehicles have the ability to self park, and self navigate for you.

For those who like to modify their own vehicles, a device that performs OBD Port Tuning might be up your alley.  These devices plug into the OBD-II diagnostic port and allows for detailed tuning of the engine’s performance.  These devices should only be handled by true gearheads with an understanding of how the changes will affect the engine.  It is quite possible and easy to destroy and engine without knowing how to properly tune the engine.

If none of these options seem to catch your attention to give your old vehicle a fresh breath of life, perhaps it is time to talk to a professional such as  Robert’s Chrysler Dodge Ram Fiat to trade in your vehicle.

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