Proper Automobile Maintaince To Make Your Car Last A Long Time

With a vehicle being such a costly investment, it is important that it is properly maintained so that you can operate the vehicle for hundreds of thousands of miles to come.  It also helps to have a mechanic that specialists in your type of vehicle so that they are alert to the patterns of issues with your type of vehicle.   Scheduling can’t be easier as most dealerships have online scheduling such as Neuwirth Motors. Also, they will know how to better maintain your vehicle per the original engineers thought of mind. 

After the first 15,000 miles you should take your vehicle in for standard maintenance such as tire rotation, oil changes and air filters.  Of course, you should have been maintaining your oil changes per your manual’s instructions up to this point.  You should also have your vehicles major parts inspected to ensure that nothing is going on out of the ordinary.  With almost every new vehicle, your vehicle will still be under warranty, so it is best to check now instead of waiting for later!

At the 30,000 miles mark it is time to perform your 15,000-mile maintenance again with the addition of a fuel filter and potentially a transmission fluid flush.  With advancements in spark plug technology you do not really need to change these out now.  Might be a good idea to have the mechanic to start to look a little harder at your components as you are still under warranty.  Continuing to the 45,000 miles mark you are once again performing the 15,000-mile check.

Moving further down the mileage, the 60,000 checkup is going to be a duplicate of the 30,000-mile mark.  The belts are going to need to be replaced now including the timing belt.  While it may be expensive, failure from your timing belt will be much more expensive.  You might want to consider changing your spark plugs now.  At the 100,000 miles mark you are going to complete another 30,000-mile service and include coolant flush.

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