Synthetic Oil Vs Standard Oil

It is a common phrase to hear automobile mechanics and others in the industry talk about the benefits of Synthetic oils compared to traditional oils.  While they always say synthetics are typically better, what causing them to be better than standard motor oil. 

The first thing about synthetic oils is that it keeps your engine cleaner.  There are fewer impurities in the synthetic oil, so as the oil is worn it leaves less residual “dirt” in the engine.  It also can last longer than standard oils so, therefore, there is fewer oil changes as you own the vehicle.  Also, synthetic oil has a better viscosity which allows for smoother distribution of oil as the engine is cool. This is especially true in the colder states when the vehicle sits overnight.

Conversely, extremely hot temperatures can be detrimental to oil as well.  Running standard oil over a period extremely hot causes it to break down easily.  This can cause sludge in your engine and leaving deposits that eventually hurt your engine over time.  With Synthetic oils, they are designed to resist these types of high temperatures.

The biggest difference that people notice right away about the synthetic vs traditional oils is the price.  Typically, a quart of synthetic costs around twice of a standard quart of oil.  While this is true, the synthetic oils tend to last two to three times longer than that of traditional oils.  So, therefore, you are changing the oil less and providing better protection for either equal or less cost overall.

The experts at Northstar Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge & RAM have provided further information on the benefits of synthetic oil over that of traditional oil.

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