How to Properly Break in your New Vehicle

The first few thousand miles on your new car can be a fragile time. To ensure that your vehicle runs for a long time, it is important to take care of it during this time. There are many rumors running around on how to properly break in your new vehicle. Yet the majority of the automotive industry has come to a conscious on the following items. Of course, not every design is the same and therefore, it is important to consult your owner’s manual first.

The lifeblood of your vehicle needs to be maintained two times during the first thousand miles. While you may take your vehicle and drive it home, depending upon that distance it may be time for your first oil change. After 20 miles you should have the vehicle change its oil. While you may think that the oil should be good from the manufacturer, it is this time that the burrs, or metal shavings, formed during the manufacturing process comes off and into the oil. Fortunately, the next time that your oil will need to be changed is after the first thousand miles. This is because the process of deburring is slowed drastically after the first twenty miles.

Standard brake pads do not require much of a breaking period but it is typically a good idea to avoid heavy braking during the first two hundred miles or so. The traditional thought of not waxing the vehicle for the first three months is no longer true. The paint is one hundred percent cured by the time it reaches the dealers lot. Moving from the outside to the inside of the vehicle there are several tips to help break in your interior. The natural instinct to protect your new interior may actually end up damaging it. Putting on third party protectants can negate the built in protectants that the manufacturer utilizes.

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