The Advancement of Hybrid Vehicles

It has been over ten years since the introduction of the hybrid vehicle to the public market. While the adaptation has been slow, it has proven to be a proven solution that has weathered through breaking into the market. The success of this concept has initiated the adoption of most manufacturers and even the addition to sports utility vehicle hybrids. The initial offerings were good, but as with any new concepts time and engineering refinery have made them a much more viable.

In comparison to the first generations of hybrid vehicles, the current offerings generally offer better fuel consumption while providing a larger more comfortable cabin and features. Hybrid vehicles now come in the standard plugin rechargeable battery and now the newer non-plugin variation. The largest improvements in the new features are improvements to the electrical systems to provide for longer usage.

Most modern hybrids will shut off the motor while in idle utilizing the battery system to maintain the auxiliary features such as the radio, heat, and air conditioning. When accelerating from a stop the electric motor will start the drive while allowing the combustion engine time to restart. Plugin hybrids typically will utilize the electronic drive longer than its counterparts due to the larger battery stores and electrical motors.

Transferring the power from electrical motor to combustion engines is known as power assist which allows the vehicles computer to better regulate power output. This greatly assists with the maximizing fuel efficiency while providing the availability of power compared to a standard automobile. This also allows the automobile manufactures to downsize the required size for the fuel hungry combustion engine. In part, this assists with the added fuel efficiency by making the vehicle lighter.

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