Protecting your Vehicle

Unless you live in a large city with a great transportation system, it is very likely that your automobile is a requirement of daily life. In fact, we have become so dependent on them that the average person will spend 4.3 years of their life traveling in their vehicle. Because vehicles are such an important part of our lives its important to protect them. Make sure you use common sense when it comes to vehicle security such as locking your doors. Occasionally, standard practices are not enough. There are some anti-theft accessories you may want to consider.

The most desired option is to prevent your vehicle being stolen in the first place. Using some of these devices could potentially minimize the risk of this occurring. Biometrics is the security function of using a unique feature of the human body to gain access to something. Some manufacturers have developed finger print readers that allow the automobile to start if the correct individual scans their finger. Going from the hi-tech to the low tech, steering wheel locks are a low tech way to deter individuals from attempting to steal your vehicle. While they are not fool proof, they often make thieves look for easier targets that will not take as much time to gain drivable access.

Vehicle recovery can be best achieved if the authorities are notified quickly and location can be provided

Protecting your vehicle is important so make sure you maintain your vehicle at a dealer such as DCH Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, & RAM.


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