Technology Advances Make Road Trips Easier

Taking children on long trips is not always the most exciting for us adults.  Fortunately, years of human ingenuity and the natural sleeping agent of a driving car has helped parents survive long drives since the first cars were introduced.  When we were kids, games such as Punch Buggy were prevalent.   Of course, we learned from our parent’s mistakes and thankfully the punch buggies are no longer around much!  As a result, there are many less bruised arms of siblings during road trips. 

There were many more games that we played growing up on those long boring trips.  Family Karaoke was not always my favorite as my voice leaves much to be desired.  Sometimes we would play the License plate bingo boards out. Of course that ended up being who ever found Hawaii and Alaska would win.  The rest were always just a matter of time.  While these games do have some memories from my past, for the most part I could have replaced them with much more enjoyable actions!

The automobile industry has been working hard to alleviate this issue within their entertainment systems.  This year, the Chrysler Pacifica was named to the top ten for best user experiences within the automotive industry.  It has come a long way from the, eight track, tape, or multi-disk CD entertainment system of when we were younger.  This system includes two ten inch rear touchscreen displays that provides device connectivity and built in games and aps.

The driver and front seat has not been forgotten with their own customizable 8.4 inch touchscreen display and a seven inch full color driver information display that has enhanced and vivid graphics.  This minivan has a total of six USB ports for inputting data and charging the entire family’s devices.  The system can handle multiple outputs to different screens and has separate climate control zones to ensure that everyone is comfortable for the long runs.

I can honestly say, I am impressed with the advancements in the automobile’s industries advancements in technology.  I wish when I was a kid that I had the ability to relax in the back of one of the new Chrysler Pacifica’s.  If you think you may enjoy a minivan like this for yourself and your family, go visit Marburger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and they will be more than happy to provide you with more information.


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