This Year Letter to Santa


This Year Letter to Santa

A big thing for kids to do around Christmas is to write to Santa. Writing to Santa when younger is a big deal. You tell him everything you want to get for Christmas. So having the best kind of envelopes and paper make things fun for the kids. Having it look fun and cute makes it great for decorating until mail time. Sending a card using glassine envelopes make the process fun. Because of all the sparkles and shine. Having these cards sit in the tree until mail time makes the paper shine and sparkle. These are great because they don’t have the normal plain look to them.

Shipping and Gifts

These glassine envelopes are stylish for mailing. And they have a high-end look.  If you send anything through the mail such as gift cards or cards. Have the card looking nice with the shiny material. The paper shines in gold and silver when the light hits it.  Using the glassine envelopes you can see what is inside the envelopes.

Another great use is in writing notes. Writing notes to family or sending a family Christmas Card in beautiful glassine envelopes. Companies like JBM Packaging offer custom options.  

Christmas and Santa Writing

Have family that lives away or have a small child that loves Christmas? Sit down, or have them sit down, and write to your family or Santa. Adults can write about their year all the highs and lows to catch the family up on their life. Add some photos to show how much you change over the course of a year. These show that just because they live far away doesn’t mean you stop thinking about them.  Writing letters can be fun as well. With all the fun fonts on the computers these days there are all kinds of fun things to do. Writing also provides more sentimental value than a face-time call. Because you can’t hold onto a call like you can paper.

Writing a letter to Santa can be fun for the entire family.  Decorate your letter and envelope. You can even use your inkjet printer to print up a design on the glassine paper, to set the design, add some heat. Fold up the paper and handmake a beautiful glassine envelope. 

Sit down with your children and help them design something special.  While they are writing out what they want, you could write your Christmas letter to your family or friends far away.  Once complete with the special glassine envelope in hand, it is time for the assembly, put the letter into the envelope and address it to the North Pole.  Add a stamp and walk it out to the mailbox together. This is a special time of year where the mail gets extra heavy with all the fun cards and letters. A letter to Santa is complete along with letters to your family and friends as well.  

Bring the holiday spirit to life with a custom letter to Santa and a custom letter from Santa.  Make a child’s day with beautiful glassine envelopes that have custom designs printed right on them from your printer!



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