What is the best deck stain and sealer?


There are a lot of deck stain reviews out there.  Some are focusing on what to look for, some are pushing a particular brand while others are talking about their own personal experience.  When reading these deck stain reviews, you need to consider where the writer is coming from, where they live and what that particular deck that they are talking about is enduring. 

Think about it. Companies like Deck Stain Pro have reviews from all across the united states. If you are looking to stain your deck in the South, it will be hot and humid.  This deck will endure the humidity and heat more than that of northern climates.  It is important to find a stain and sealer that is produced to protect your deck in those climates.  The same for the colder regions, the deck is going to see snow, ice and maybe even salt, is the stain and sealer meant for that?   Salt and other harsh chemicals can really take a toll on a sealer. So, getting one that is meant to endure it is important. So, when reading these deck stain reviews, keep in mind the climate that you are using the materials in.

Another thing to take into consideration is what type of stain you are looking at.  Some are oil-based while others are water based. These have different properties that should be considered.  Oil-based naturally repels the water and reduces mold growth. It can take up to 48 hours to dry and is a bit on the smelly side when applying.  Water-based is easy to clean up and doesn’t have such strong smells. Water-based dries more quickly as well. The deck stain reviews should mention what the base of the product is.


Stains come in all different colors and opacity.  Depending on the look you are going for, it will determine what opacity you want.  If you like to see the grain in the wood, then you should go with something that is less opaque and more transparent.  This allows the beauty of the wood to shine through. There are four levels of opacity. These levels are Toner, Semi-opaque, Semi-transparent, and Opaque.  The most popular of these is the semi-transparent. This has a little bit of color but still allows the wood grain to shine through. This “look” is different for everyone as far as how they feel about it.  And, this will most likely be apart of any deck stain review.  

You need to determine what “look” you like and are going for on your project.  This should not be found in the deck stain reviews. But. maybe if it is a solid stain that is meant to completely cover and it doesn’t work as it should.  

So, when you are looking at the deck stain reviews, be sure you know what you are reading and what you are looking for.  If you have questions about a stain, check out trusted sites like https://deckstainpro.com/top-rated-deck-stain-reviews-2019/. Many people comment about their home improvements and it should give you a good direction on what stain would interest you.



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