New car incentives can make it worth it

Purchasing a brand-new car can be a costly thing to do if you are not prepared for the sale. Ironically, not many people are fond of using their negotiating skills for the best price.  Quite often, they do not feel comfortable in the dealer’s element.  This is where a knowledgeable person could utilize different options available such as dealer incentives.  These incentives are pushed down from either the auto manufacturer or the dealer themselves to hopefully gain business over their competitors.  Some incentives are to keep current customers loyal to their brand and/or dealership.

Most incentives are cash rebates from the manufacturer that gives you anywhere from five hundred to a few thousand off the retail price.  Other types of incentives the dealer may offer is zero percent, or low percent, interest, and special leasing options for those who prefer to lease.  Some incentives are for special classes of people such as graduates, veterans, customers turning in the same brand of vehicle, first time buyers, or other special group affiliation.  Typically, these are the ones that are offered fully or in part by the dealership.

Customer cash incentives are offered directly back to the customer.  These typically apply directly to the cost of the vehicle, but in a few rare circumstances, a check is delivered to the consumer after a set period of time.  Dealer cash is money that is provided to the dealer when the sale is made.  This is not required to lower the pricing of the vehicle, but can be used to negotiate the dealer to a lower pricing in the vehicle.

Performing research on the incentives should be fairly easy assuming you are working with an honest dealership.  Looking on a dealer’s website such as Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram  incentives can be seen in full description allowing you to know what your best options are.  Sometimes, some incentives are listed on the manufacturer’s website, but it is often best to speak with your dealer for the most accurate incentives.


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