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Purchasing a vehicle whether it be new or used is a huge investment and we want to make sure whatever decision we make is the right one for us. Buying a new car is not right for everyone or maybe you did not think it is the right way to go for you because you thought it would be too costly. I hope after you read my experience and see some of the advantages of new car buying it will give you insight to help make a decision that is perfect for you, Sometimes you will find people saying never buy new and it is always better to buy used, Well, I do not listen to what others say  I do my own research and do what is best  for me and my situation. Buying a new car can outweigh the advantages of a used car and I will show you why.

Order it how you want it


You want fancy navigation screen system and geeky technical gadgets in your next vehicle and while on the lot searching for a new car they do not have all the bells and whistles you want nor the right color. When purchasing a new car you can special order it how you want it.  Just remember you probably will not get any rebates or special deals if you special order a new vehicle.



Warranties with new vehicles are far superior to a used car. You will find that some manufacturers offer a five-year warranty or 100,000 miles while some may be 3 years or 35,000 miles. With used cars, you often will have to buy an extended warranty to get the same warranty new vehicles offer.

Lower Interest  Rates


New vehicles typically have better rates for many reasons. One reason being is the finance guy is well aware of the value of the vehicle and how much it ill depreciate over time. With used vehicles, they will need to make a profit back as the vehicle is older and more miles are going to be on the vehicle and it may also need a lot of repairs. Another reason you can get a lower interest rate with a new vehicle is that the risk is lower as the bank figures with a new vehicle you would most likely have fewer repairs and would not bail on payments due to maintenance costs.

Rebates and Incentives


You decide you want to buy a vehicle and you have no trade and no money down. You think to yourself, how can I possibly walk away with a vehicle? With new vehicles, manufacturers often will offer some kind of rebate or cash incentive to make the car more attractive to purchase. With the rebate offered on a new vehicle, you can use that as your down payment and walk away with no cash out of pocket!  With used vehicles, there are no rebates and you will  have to either drop some cash down or have a trade in vehicle to complete the sale.

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