Your Essential Winter To Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

With the winter temperatures still around us in many parts of the country, there are some things that we need to be checking with our car. The cold temperatures can take its toll on our vehicles, and we want to make sure that we are driving a car that is safe and roadworthy after all. So if you think your car needs a little tender loving care and quick once over, then here are some of the things that you should be checking on it. Then you know you’re good to go for a while.


Check Your Windscreen

If your windscreen has damage, then it is going to make it difficult and dangerous to drive with. After all, that is the main thing that you use for seeing out of, so if that is hindered, you could be in trouble. Plus, in cold weather any chips or cracks in the windscreen can be made much worse when the temperatures drop. So look for an auto glass repair and replacement place if you have any chips or cracks in the windscreen. You don’t want it to get worse when you’re in the car! Be sure to avoid using hot water on the windscreen too; many people use it as a way to get rid of frost and ice, but the hot meeting the cold can also do some damage to your windscreen.


Oil Change

As a rule, the oil in your car should be changed at around the three thousand mile mark and then every three thousand miles after that. So what is your current mileage and how long ago did you have an oil change? Roughly speaking this is around three months, so if you had one in fall, then you will be due one this winter. If you can do it yourself, then great. However, if you don’t know how, it can be quite complex. So taking to a car garage and they will be able to do it pretty quickly.


Liquid Levels

Your car has to work a little harder in the winter, and so it can be running low on a few supplies. You will use your windscreen cleaning fluid much more in winter as it has deicer, as well as using the engine and heater more to make sure that your screens are clear and the car is warm. So things like your coolant, windscreen wiper fluid, and engine oil can all be running low right about now. You don’t want to get caught short, so make sure that you’re checking these levels regularly. These are things that can be easily topped up yourself. Just check you have the right product, especially when it comes to your engine oil, for your car make and model.


Check Your Tires

Our car’s tires can take a lot of wear and tear in winter. The changing temperatures can have a really detrimental effect on them. It can lead to them expanding and then shrinking again in the cold. So it can mean cracks and leaks in the tires themselves. It can also make them more likely to tear as they will become weaker over time. So if your tires aren’t brand new, then check how they look and feel as well as the tread on them. Make sure that your tires are pumped up to the correct pressure too. Just remember that the tire pressure does vary from car to car. So check your car’s manual to make sure that you are filling the tire to the right pressure.


Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are also going to get more use than ever at this time of year. From rain, hail, and snow, there are plenty of storms that you might have to navigate through when you’re driving. So the blades themselves can become a little worn. And if that happens, they become much less effective and can even damage your windscreen and make it dangerous to drive the car. Check your blades today; are they torn or nor working as well? If so, they could need to be replaced. It is a quick and inexpensive thing to do and a job that you could pretty easily do yourself too.

One of the last things that you should do is to check the air conditioning unit in your car. Simply, because you haven’t been using it for a while no doubt, it can get clogged or stop working. So give it a quick blast to check that all is well. You’ll want it when it starts to eventually get warmer.

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