Using Kelley Blue Book to Strike a Trade-In Deal

So, you are ready to turn in your old vehicle, but you are not sure how much you will get for your vehicle at the dealership.  Now most people might have some clue of what Kelley’s Blue Book is, but most did not know that some dealers will accept offers through the value of the car through this site.  The most important thing is to learn how to accurately get your vehicle appraised.  Read More

Chrysler Releases The 2020 Voyager

Chrysler has announced that it is releasing the Voyager minivan once again for the 2020 model year.  This will be a value replacement for some of the Pacifica models for the cost conscious and fleet vehicles.  This seven-passenger vehicle will include the familiar Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features.  They also designed the vehicle to enable high maneuverability for those individuals bound to wheelchairs. Read More

What Are Dealer Loan Add-ons?

When financing a vehicle have you been offered different services that can be added on top of the price of your vehicle?  Several of these items are common such as gap insurance and extended warranties on your vehicle purchase.  Other option you may not know is available for you.  Of course, it is important to take a look at what the total cost of these purchases would be before signing on the line.  Read More

Common Misconceptions About Automobiles

I’m sure that you have heard many stories and pieces advice from your relatives on how to properly maintain and use your vehicle while first learning how to drive.  The amazing thing is that many of these things are not the same from when we first started driving many years ago.  This article will help you assimilate the old school thinking from what is a realistic expectation from modern automobiles. Read More

Top 3 Tips for Slots Gamblers


Top 3 Tips for Slots Gamblers 

Slot machine games have seen an incredible rise in popularity over recent years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you go online nowadays, you will find that there are an amazing amount of tips and tricks that many players will say is the way to go if you want to win at slots. It is important to remember that slots machines have algorithms designed to pay out a certain percentage every day. If you check out it might help you get answers.
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