4 Most Common Reasons People End Up Giving Their Pets Away

There’s nothing like a cute fuzzy animal to make your heart melt before your very eyes. Most people can’t resist the temptation to take them home and set out to keep them forever. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people don’t realize how much goes into keeping a pet in your home. They won’t stay tiny forever and require much more than just a bag of food and a few toys.
Pets can be more complicated than children to take care of, depending on the animal and your set of circumstances. If you’re currently considering getting a pet, hold off until you’ve looked at some of the most common reasons why they wind up being abandoned. 
Too Expensive 
A lot of people assume that the cost of having a pet is much lower than it is in reality. Even something as seemingly simple as a rodent can cost hundreds a year between food, litter, and other materials.
Many people buy an expensive dog believing that the costs end there. However, you’ll need to pay for vaccines, get them groomed, and keep their bellies fed. If you’re not willing to see a pet as an ongoing expense, then it’s probably not a good fit for your wallet. 
A New Baby
A lot of people envision their pets welcoming the new baby into the home with open paws. However, it’s not always the case. Cats and dogs can be extremely possessive and territorial creatures. When pet owners see their animals acting up, they panic and get rid of the animal.
Most pets require a period of adjustment when a new child comes into the home. Before calling it quits, you should remember that you made a commitment to your animal, and it’s up to you to try to make things work if you can. Don’t allow your baby to pull your pet’s ears or prod them. Above all, never leave your pet and baby together unsupervised.  
Many people don’t realize that they have allergies to certain animals. After a few weeks, new pet owners may start to feel the onset of allergic reactions. They start coughing, their eyes start watering, and they feel itchy all over.
Usually, once they realize it’s their pet causing the reactions, they decide to throw in the towel and give them away for their own comfort. Before you get a new animal, it’s wise to confirm you’re not allergic!
House Training Issues
There are few things more frustrating than dealing with pee and poop in your home every day. It’s natural to want to give up when you feel like your pet just won’t learn.  However, before you decide they’re a lost cause, consider whether it may be because they have a medical problem! 

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