6th Sense Professional Flat Iron with Heat Resistance Case

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Do you have tough curls to straighten? Tired of having to make more than 1 pass through a hair straightener and only to find it did not straighten your hair the way you wanted? Look no further as I have the perfect flat iron for you. Most flat irons will say you can get straightened hair with 1 pass, but very few do as they say. My daughter has straight hair to begin with, but she loves using the flat iron to help with the frizz. Now with the 6th sense professional Flat Iron she can do her long hair in half the time as it would take with any other flat iron.
6th sense professional flat iron
When my daughter first used this flat iron he first thing she noticed right away was how quickly it heated up. In 30 seconds, it was up to temperature. Now that was speedy heating I must say. Click the on and off switch and the lights should flash two times to indicate the styler is on. Next use the + button to set temperature, Styler will heat up and in 30 seconds or less lights will indicate ready for use. There are 3 indicator lights that correspond to the 3 heating ranges, Red – low (266F – 320F ), Red and Blue – medium (338F – 392F) Red, Blue and Green – high (410F – 445F). When the lights come on for your heat setting, the styler is ready for use. When styling is completed, click and hold on/off button and styler will turn off. Allow cool down, or place in heat resistant carry case.
6th Sense Professional Flat Iron has combined Tourmaline and Ceramic technologies to give you hair that is shiny, straight and smooth.
Whether you have super thick, wavy, coarse, thin or frizzy hair the 6th Sense can cover all angles for you with less time and give you beautiful, smooth salon hair each time. Floating Tourmaline Ceramic plates distribute even heating which in turn will protect hair from heat damage. Additionally, the negative ions will protect the hair cuticle and keep the moisture locked in which in turn will give you radiant looking smooth hair.
6th Sense Professional Flat Iron Features:

  • No Pinch – The floating plates allow you to have a no pinch, tugging, smooth hair experience.
  • 1 pass- For even the toughest hair, The 6th Sense Pro allows you to dial the accurate heat setting, highest heat for tough locks and low heat for finer hair.
  • Lasting hair style – With 6th Sense Pro you can do flip curls and have them last all day.
  • Smooth hair in half the time- Glides effortlessly in your hair with no snag or tug, Takes half the time using less heat and gives shiny hair as if you walked out of a salon.
  • Locking mechanism – Flip the switch on the end and the unit locks, making it easy to pack and go.
  • Automatic shut off
  • Under 30 second heat up

The 6th Sense Pro comes with a mini curling iron free with purchase and a heat resistance carrying case. You no longer have to wait for the hair straightener to cool down. Simply, place the hot flat iron in the heat resistance case and take it with you wherever you need to go.
The 6th Sense Pro would make a lovely gift this holiday season. You can purchase this on Amazon.com or at 6th Sense Styling Technology

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