Using Kelley Blue Book to Strike a Trade-In Deal

So, you are ready to turn in your old vehicle, but you are not sure how much you will get for your vehicle at the dealership.  Now most people might have some clue of what Kelley’s Blue Book is, but most did not know that some dealers will accept offers through the value of the car through this site.  The most important thing is to learn how to accurately get your vehicle appraised.  Read More

What Are Dealer Loan Add-ons?

When financing a vehicle have you been offered different services that can be added on top of the price of your vehicle?  Several of these items are common such as gap insurance and extended warranties on your vehicle purchase.  Other option you may not know is available for you.  Of course, it is important to take a look at what the total cost of these purchases would be before signing on the line.  Read More

Common Misconceptions About Automobiles

I’m sure that you have heard many stories and pieces advice from your relatives on how to properly maintain and use your vehicle while first learning how to drive.  The amazing thing is that many of these things are not the same from when we first started driving many years ago.  This article will help you assimilate the old school thinking from what is a realistic expectation from modern automobiles. Read More

New car incentives can make it worth it

Purchasing a brand-new car can be a costly thing to do if you are not prepared for the sale. Ironically, not many people are fond of using their negotiating skills for the best price.  Quite often, they do not feel comfortable in the dealer’s element.  This is where a knowledgeable person could utilize different options available such as dealer incentives.  These incentives are pushed down from either the auto manufacturer or the dealer themselves to hopefully gain business over their competitors.  Some incentives are to keep current customers loyal to their brand and/or dealership. Read More

The Economic Effect of a Car Dealership

Looking at a car dealership such as Century Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, many people only see it as a place to possibly purchase a new or used car.  Yet, looking further behind the curtain of this dealership provides a much more human element that I do not think we really look at.  There are many different components of a successful dealership that keep it running.  To make this happen, it takes people to operate the business in the form of jobs.  Economically, a dealership is a great boost to a community as it provides a very necessary product and a variety of positions to those residents. Read More

Aren’t All Tires The Same?

Tires are an important thing as they are the only thing in contact with the ground.  Having the proper type of tire for your situation is also important so it can best do its job.  While many know that there are different types of tires for standard cars, sports card, SUV, and light trucks, did you know that each of these major categories have several sub-categories depending upon conditions and type of driving? Read More

Your 100,000 Mile Service

Vehicles are vastly more reliable over the past ten years in comparison to the earlier models.  Vehicles running close to two hundred thousand miles are much more common and often, expected from their owners.  With the proper maintenance, this is definitely achievable.  While most people are faithful about getting their oil changes, tires, and brakes changed, there are other items that are critical to do once your vehicle reaches one hundred thousand miles. Read More

Learning to Make Poor Credit Work For You

Let us be honest, the past ten years have been real rough for most people in America due to the economy and its poor rebound from the late 2000’s.  Unfortunately, this has most of us in America with a less than ideal credit score that makes finding financing for things we need extremely difficult.  For individuals in this position, it is important to know how to handle their credit situation.  This is especially true when you are trying to purchase a vehicle. Read More

Technology Advances Make Road Trips Easier

Taking children on long trips is not always the most exciting for us adults.  Fortunately, years of human ingenuity and the natural sleeping agent of a driving car has helped parents survive long drives since the first cars were introduced.  When we were kids, games such as Punch Buggy were prevalent.   Of course, we learned from our parent’s mistakes and thankfully the punch buggies are no longer around much!  As a result, there are many less bruised arms of siblings during road trips.  Read More

Claiming Vehicle Purchase for Tax Purposes

Purchasing a vehicle for business provides you with the rare opportunity to make somewhat of a difference on your business taxes.  Unlike most purchases that you can claim the cost directly, vehicles cannot be claimed within the year of purchase as they still have a high residual value.  As each year goes on, the value of the vehicle is less and the lost value of the vehicle are known as depreciation.   It is important to know that you cannot claim depreciation if you utilize the standard mileage rate.  Typically, this method takes the number of miles that one drives in a year for business and multiplies it for a number preset by the IRS.  For 2017, it is $0.535 per mile   Read More