Here's What You Need To Consider When Choosing A Hair Restoration Expert


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Choosing the best hair restoration expert for your needs is not as easy as doing a quick Google search. In the past, people used to go through the phone book and look for such an expert. Then they would conduct some research in person. It is much easier now, thanks to the internet and proliferation of computers. However, according to Dr. Cam Simmons – Hair Restoration Specialist, you should still do your research before picking a hair transplant surgeon.
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Beauty from the Volcanoes: 8 Skin Care Benefits of Volcanic Ash

Beauty from the Volcanoes: 8 Skin Care Benefits of Volcanic Ash
Native Melanesians living around the 9 active volcanoes found in Vanuatu were among the first to discover volcanic ash’s positive effects. Volcanic ash is known as a substance that has a high concentration of disinfectant qualities as well as being rich in sulfur — an active mineral that helps the body fight and destroy bacteria. Read More

Fight The Frizz! 4 Steps To Smoother Hair

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Frizzy hair. There is nothing quite like it; nothing is more able to ruin a look or make you feel like today is going to be a bad hair day. No one aims for frizzy hair, yet it happens anyway – often regardless of hair type. Your hair can be thick and lustrous and still frizz away to its heart’s content; limp and lifeless but still prone to looking like you’ve stuck your fingers in an electric socket. Read More

Spring Clean Your Facial Skin Care Routine In Time For Summer With These Handy Tips

During the Winter, we can get a little lazy with our skincare routine. A lot of the time you may apply makeup and mask over how your skin is looking. But during those colder months, your skin is right there in the elements. So it can become dry and dehydrated. However, as we now approach the Summer, it seems like the perfect time to change things and give your skincare routine a spring clean. With that in mind here are a few tips to get you going. Read More

Get A Great Summer Glow With These Handy Tips

Getting that Summer glow can feel impossible at times, but it’s much easier to achieve than you think. Most of us won’t want to be bothered with wearing a full face of makeup. It can just feel too hot and by the end of the day, it will have worn off. But there are many ways you can get a great glow with minimum effort from yourself. Just by using a few key products and changing a few things in your routine here and there, you are will on your way to getting a great Summer glow. So I thought I would share with you one of the ways you can do that. Read More

8 Of The Best Secrets For Flawless Skin

Just about anybody can get flawless skin with a little consistency and know how. Start using these 8 tips ASAP and you’ll get beautiful looking skin in time for summer. Enjoy!
Stay Hydrated
Stay hydrated all day long and your skin will stay looking bright and alive. If you let yourself get dehydrated, you can expect to have dull looking skin. You’ll look tired, and probably feel tired too! Drink 2-3 litres of water a day to feel great, keep your body functioning properly and enhance the way your skin looks. A hydrated body means better looking skin. Read More