Build Creations with the 3Doodler 2.0 Pen

*Holiday Gift Guide Submission*
The 3Doodler Pen is nothing like I have ever seen before. This new innovative technology pen has amazing capabilities to transform plastic into any creation you want. There are only 3 simple steps to start doodling. Plug in your doodler, insert plastic, ready set doodle! The pen can create three-dimensional creations made out of plastic. The pen heats up and extrudes thermoplastic that will harden within seconds, allowing you to create your art. Download stencils of horses, towers, or even the golden gate bridge, trace the designs and mend them together with the pen to create a three-dimensional object. Plastic hardens quickly, which allows you to be able to draw in the air to create wings of an airplane or connect sides together with the plastic to make a 4 sided cube.


What you create is entirely up to you. With so many design options it is limitless on using your imagination. There are 3 different types of plastics you can use with the 3Doodler. ABS, PLA and Flexy.
What is the different between the three plastics?
Depending on what you want to create will depend on what type of plastic you will want to use. There is 2 heat settings on the 3Doodler and depending on the plastic it will be either hi or low heat setting.
PLA Plastic
  • Low heat setting
  • Great for building structures
  • Long lasting stick to paper
  • Sticks well to glass
  • Sticks well to metal
  • Translucent art
  • Wide variety of colors available
  • Works great on clothing
  • Manipulate plastic few seconds after doodling

ABS Plastic

  • Hi heat setting
  • Great for drawing upward spirals or in the air.
  • Building structures
  • Creating bendable art
  • Great for stencils. Creating art that peels and can use on paper
  • For welding or joining plastic objects or pieces together
  • Ideal for first time doodlers

Flexy Plastic

  • Hi heat setting
  • Drawing upward spirals or in the air.
  • Building structures
  • Creating bendable art
  • Creating elastic stretchy parts
  • Long lasting stick to paper
  • Sticks well to glass

No matter what kind of plastic you use,the 3d Printing Pen will provide countless hours of entertainment..At Hammacher Schlemmer you can purchase the 3Doodler and it will come with 50 plastics to start with along with a 6′-long AC cord. This will make the perfect gift this holiday season.
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