Aren’t All Tires The Same?

Tires are an important thing as they are the only thing in contact with the ground.  Having the proper type of tire for your situation is also important so it can best do its job.  While many know that there are different types of tires for standard cars, sports card, SUV, and light trucks, did you know that each of these major categories have several sub-categories depending upon conditions and type of driving? Read More

Your 100,000 Mile Service

Vehicles are vastly more reliable over the past ten years in comparison to the earlier models.  Vehicles running close to two hundred thousand miles are much more common and often, expected from their owners.  With the proper maintenance, this is definitely achievable.  While most people are faithful about getting their oil changes, tires, and brakes changed, there are other items that are critical to do once your vehicle reaches one hundred thousand miles. Read More

Learning to Make Poor Credit Work For You

Let us be honest, the past ten years have been real rough for most people in America due to the economy and its poor rebound from the late 2000’s.  Unfortunately, this has most of us in America with a less than ideal credit score that makes finding financing for things we need extremely difficult.  For individuals in this position, it is important to know how to handle their credit situation.  This is especially true when you are trying to purchase a vehicle. Read More

Technology Advances Make Road Trips Easier

Taking children on long trips is not always the most exciting for us adults.  Fortunately, years of human ingenuity and the natural sleeping agent of a driving car has helped parents survive long drives since the first cars were introduced.  When we were kids, games such as Punch Buggy were prevalent.   Of course, we learned from our parent’s mistakes and thankfully the punch buggies are no longer around much!  As a result, there are many less bruised arms of siblings during road trips.  Read More

Protecting your Vehicle

Unless you live in a large city with a great transportation system, it is very likely that your automobile is a requirement of daily life. In fact, we have become so dependent on them that the average person will spend 4.3 years of their life traveling in their vehicle. Because vehicles are such an important part of our lives its important to protect them. Make sure you use common sense when it comes to vehicle security such as locking your doors. Occasionally, standard practices are not enough. There are some anti-theft accessories you may want to consider. Read More

Driving a Disaster – 5 Signs That You Should Trade in Your Car

Driving a Disaster – 5 Signs That You Should Trade in Your Car
Imagine for a moment you have the car all packed, cruising down the highway for that long awaited weekend away at the beach. When all of a sudden, black smoke starts billowing out from underneath your bonnet and you are forced to pull over. Suddenly, a beach weekend away with your partner turns into a night with Bobby from a tow truck company. Read More

How to Properly Break in your New Vehicle

The first few thousand miles on your new car can be a fragile time. To ensure that your vehicle runs for a long time, it is important to take care of it during this time. There are many rumors running around on how to properly break in your new vehicle. Yet the majority of the automotive industry has come to a conscious on the following items. Of course, not every design is the same and therefore, it is important to consult your owner’s manual first.
Read More

Claiming Vehicle Purchase for Tax Purposes

Purchasing a vehicle for business provides you with the rare opportunity to make somewhat of a difference on your business taxes.  Unlike most purchases that you can claim the cost directly, vehicles cannot be claimed within the year of purchase as they still have a high residual value.  As each year goes on, the value of the vehicle is less and the lost value of the vehicle are known as depreciation.   It is important to know that you cannot claim depreciation if you utilize the standard mileage rate.  Typically, this method takes the number of miles that one drives in a year for business and multiplies it for a number preset by the IRS.  For 2017, it is $0.535 per mile   Read More

The Advancement of Hybrid Vehicles

It has been over ten years since the introduction of the hybrid vehicle to the public market. While the adaptation has been slow, it has proven to be a proven solution that has weathered through breaking into the market. The success of this concept has initiated the adoption of most manufacturers and even the addition to sports utility vehicle hybrids. The initial offerings were good, but as with any new concepts time and engineering refinery have made them a much more viable. Read More