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Take the Wheel to Ease Worries About Your Young Driver


It’s pretty exciting when your child starts driving, getting their license and then their first car. It’s also pretty frightening. Letting them loose on the roads probably isn’t something you’re feeling too enthusiastic about. You might not have to be their taxi anymore, but even if they’re a good driver, there are always others on the road to worry about. You probably have concerns about their safety, as well as other issues, like the expense of owning a car. Parenting worries don’t ever really stop, but at least you can ease your mind with some of them. Read more


Car Issues That Start Off Small But Can Increase In Danger Over Time




Driving is very enjoyable and practically useful activity, but it can also be quite dangerous. Until the days when all of driving is automated, there are always going to be crashes, difficulties and accidents that occur as a result of driving tons of functioning metal around. Many people after passing their tests are convinced that they are the safest drivers on the road, and that it’s the responsibility of everyone else around to behave the same way they do. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be confident in your ability to drive, in fact a confident road driver is much better and safer than someone who is over-cautious. However, in your confidence you might neglect a few vehicle difficulties that can start off small, but over time have a large effect on the negative functioning of your vehicle.

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4 Telltale Signs That You’re A Reckless Driver

We all like to think we’re great drivers, but is this really the case? Instead of being the safe driver you’ve always assumed you were, what if you’re actually a very reckless one? To help you find out if this is the case, here are some telltale signs you’re a bit of a maniac behind the wheel of your car: Read more


What NOT to Do after a Car Crash





Car crashes can be incredibly traumatic, and we all hope that we will never be involved in one. Nevertheless, it is important to be prepared should the worse happen. By knowing what to do in advance, you will be able to act quickly to ensure the situation does not get any worse. It is also important to know what to do for the legal side of things too. After all, the last thing you want to do is say something that could land you in legal hot water. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you should never do after a car accident…


Saying too much – It can be very easy to let your mouth run away with you after being in a car accident. After all, emotions are running high. You are probably upset, angry, and frightened by what has happened. However, you need to try and keep your emotions in check as much as possible. The last thing you want to do is end up saying something that could implicate you for the accident. You will be surprised by how many people have implicated themselves (even when the accident wasn’t their fault) because they have let their emotions take over and their mouth has run away with them.


Not calling the police – You will probably need to call the police, depending on the nature of the crash. In most cases, you need to call the police if the crash is serious and someone has been badly hurt. You will also need to call the police if the crash is causing a danger to oncoming traffic. Furthermore, you should get in touch with law enforcement if any criminal activity has taken place, i.e. if the other driver has fled the scene or if they have been driving without insurance. If the crash has been minor, the cars are out of the way, and you and the other driver are handling everything well, you will need to report the incident, but you do not need to trouble the emergency services with it, as it is not an urgent matter.


Failing to get the contact details of those involved – If you have been involved in a crash, once you have checked that everyone is okay, it is vital to get the details of everyone involved in the incident. Firstly, you need to get the contact details of the other driver. This includes their name, address, and telephone number, as well as their registration plate, and the make and model of their vehicle. You should also get the contact information of anyone that witnessed the crash. This includes their name, address, and telephone number. This is because witness statements can be very useful if you do decide to proceed with a compensation claim for the accident you have been involved in.


Not taking photographs of the scene – This is another point that relates to making a case for compensation for the car accident you have been involved in. Nowadays, most people have smartphones that have cameras. This makes it easy to quickly take a few photographs no matter where you are. It is, therefore, a good idea to take some photographs of the scene, as there is typically damage to the cars and the surrounding areas after a crash. This will serve as great proof of what has happened. Moreover, if your injuries become visible, i.e. you suffer heavy bruising or you need to have your arm put in a cast, you could also take photographs of this to strengthen your case as well.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what not to do after a car crash, so you can make sure you do not take any actions that make the situation worse or get you in trouble with the law. Even if the car accident was not your fault, it is easy to say something that could implicate you in the heat of the moment without realising it. So, try to keep things as hush-hush as possible, and follow the steps provided, and you can ensure everything goes as ‘well’ as can be expected from such a horrible situation.

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3 Bad Driving Habits We Must Be Careful Not To Pass On To Our Kids

Remember when you were little how your parents seemed like giants to you. Not just in their stature but in how they used to wield the power of adulthood with such cool casualty. While little things like being able to drive a car or use a credit card were so quotidian for them, to you they were acts that verged on being superhuman. We’re hard wired to see our parents as the models of adulthood. We model our expectations of everything an adult says and does upon them, and so too is it with our own kids. It’s strangely endearing when we see our mannerisms of speech and turns of phrase pop up in our kids’ vocabulary and a wonderful moment of affirmation when we see them use the lessons we have taught them in life without prompting. Read more


The Essential Guide To Buying Your First Car

The purchase of your first car is such an exciting time. The stress of driving lessons and tests is behind you and you are ready to hit the open road. With your own car, you no longer have to rely on your Mom and Dad and you don’t need to ask if you can go out for a spin. Now you are independent and can go wherever you want whenever you want! Read more


A Family Full Of Cars: What To Do With Them When You’re Moving

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that there are more cars on our roads than ever. Not long ago, families had one vehicle on the drive, two if they were lucky. Now, many homes have more cars than parking spaces. Hence why many of our streets have streams of cars on both sides. Read more


Preparing For Road Trips With Your Infant

Traveling with a young child can be difficult.  This is especially true when that child is under one year old.  Utilizing proper forethought and planning a long road trip with infants can have their issues minimized.  Of course, while this is a general guide, you know how your baby handles drives better than anyone else.  Therefore, it will be important for you to modify this list to suit you and your child’s needs. Read more


Car Love-Hate Story

A car is a symbol of freedom. It can take you anywhere you need to be, within reasonable circumstances. But cars are not always as fun and quirky as Pixar’s film seems to suggest. In truth, the first thing that any driver would have noticed is that cars not only don’t drive themselves but they also can’t express their issues as clearly as Pixar made them do. Also, there is no way that your car will look as friendly as Lightning McQueen is. So, it would seem logical to feel neutral about your everyday car. After all, it doesn’t talk, it doesn’t have an exciting lifestyle, and more importantly, it doesn’t have any moral value. It’s a vehicle, after all. Nobody looks at their car with a neutral eye. A car can be liked, loved even sometimes, appreciated, hated, or despised too. People have a love-hate story with their car.   Read more


Tire Safety

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle when it comes to keeping you on the road safely.  According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), there are more than 500 deaths every year due to tire-related accidents.  There are also about 19,000 individuals who are hurt every year for the same reason.  The sad part of the fact is that most of these were preventable by maintaining proper tire pressures and replacing them when wear occurs. Read more

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