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Farbod Barsum Handbags and Accessories


I love handbags and always find myself purchasing a new one for the summer. I never like to use the same handbag all year long unless I find one that is unique and one that I really adore. I also like to switch my wallets up as well as I always find them wearing out on me often. I much rather find a handbag and wallet that will last me a long time and worth it than constantly having to purchase a new one every year. While browsing the internet for handbags, I came across this site Farbod Barsum which carries exotic handbags and accessories. Read more


Top 5 Best 3D Tattoos Ideas for Kids

Now your first reaction to a child with tattoos would be a bit shocked I imagine. However due to the current popularity of temporary tattoos you will be surprised at the intricacies in design and color that can be produced these days. Temporary tattoos offer the chance to children to express their creativity and style in a safe and secure way without any nasty needles. Read more


13 Smart Tattoo Designs for School Kids

These days, kids can’t wait to grow up. What better way to make them feel like adults than to allow them to have a temporary tattoo. In this article, we’re going to explore temporary tattoo application and design.

Applying Temporary Tattoo Stickers to Children

The greatest thing about the temporary tattoos is that they are temporary! This means that you can change them up to match your mood, your outfit, or even your schedule. There are a few things you can do to ensure that the tattoo goes on smoothly and is easy to remove. The following are some tips that will make you a temporary tattoo professional. Read more


Popular Homecoming Designs to Experiment With

This year, Homecoming’s trends focus on maintaining a balance between intricate designed dresses and your accessories.


While homecoming has always been about the sequins and the bling, the trend of lacy dresses and embellishments really heightened in popularity last year. Since then, lace and beaded dresses have become even more popular. Read more


The Perks of Shopping for a Prom Dress Online

There are many reasons for choosing to purchase next year’s prom dress online over a local shop. Keep reading to discover why shopping online is the way to go for your prom dress!


Image by Dalboz17 via Flickr

Prom is already stressful enough by itself with all the preparations you have to make. Make the main event of your prom preparation less stressful by opting for online shopping instead. Outlined below are the reasons why it’s best to shop for your prom dress online. Read more


Women Fashion Latest Trends

Women’s fashion what to look for in new arrivals.

New arrivals clothes for women is usually filled with OMG moments, however we can not deny that it is great to notice a trend in women fashion that can be worn in everyday lifestyle. Our list comprise of picks that will move you to the office, parties, bars, dates and just all places in between.

  1. Chic lady (CutoutBack PonteSheath)

Read more


Wilsons Leather Stand-Collar 3-Pocket Scuba Jacket


When I was a teenager, I bought my first leather jacket from the Wilsons leather store in my hometown mall. I wore it every single day and loved it so much. I had it for years and years and still have it today at my mom’s house. Wilsons Leather never fails to amaze me how beautiful and durable their products are. If you take care of and treat it properly, you will have it for a lifetime. My jacket that I had since a teenager still looks just as good as the day I bought it. I had the wonderful opportunity to review Wilsons Leather Stand-Collar 3 Pocket Scuba Jacket. Read more


Summer Fashion with Men’s Lee Jeans



Now that summer has arrived it is the time where we want to wear something light and comfortable. Since living in Florida all my kids and husband wear is shorts. Most the year it is very warm here until around December so we buy shorts year round and my boys prefer comfortable relaxing clothing. What I love about Lee is that not only are their clothing comfortable but they are trendy as well. I had the opportunity to review a couple pieces of clothing and wanted to share them with you. I did a post a month ago showcasing Women’s fashion and you can find that post here. Now we are focusing on  Men’s and boys fashion pieces.  Read more


Jump into Summer Fashion with Lee Jeans


Those who have been following me for quite some time now that one of my favorite clothes stores is Lee. Lee’s makes quality clothing for men, women, kids of many shapes and sizes. What I love is that even if you have some extra love handles you can always find something that fits great on their site. I had the wonderful opportunity to review some items from and first we are going to focus on the women’s fashions and then I will do a separate post on the men’s fashion items. Read more

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