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: 3 Jobs You Can Do Yourself When Renovating A Fixer Upper


There’s nothing more satisfying than purchasing a home that you can put your own stamp on. The wallpaper may be peeling, the dreaded black mold may be emerging from under the window sills, and the swirly beige carpets might have been all the rage back in the ‘70s. Nevertheless, there’s something about this property that you love. You know that you can transform it from a derelict shell into a much-loved family home. As with any fixer-upper, the costs can quickly skyrocket. Take a look at these jobs that you could complete yourself allowing you to get truly immersed in your project as well as saving you some cash. Read more


The Garden After The Storm


Storms are traumatic for everyone. Let’s be honest; they’re frightening. We all love a little rumble of thunder now and again. But, the fun stops when things get more serious. When the forecast predicts bad news, we head for home and fear the worst.

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And, often, nature doesn’t disappoint. As we can see from the horrendous images of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath on sites like, nature has the power to floor us. It can ruin our homes, our health, and our happiness. And, it can do so with fairly little effort. Just a few hours of heavy rain and winds are enough to cause untold damage. Read more


Things To Look For When Buying A New Home


Buying a home is an exciting time for anyone that’s never done it before. In your mind the possibilities are endless on what you can do with your new home, and it’s a great feeling to get to that stage in life where you can afford to buy your own property. Before you buy anything, make sure that you’re clued up on what you should be looking for when viewing a property. In this article are going to be some of the things that you should look for when buying a new home.


First and foremost, you will need to set yourself a budget on what you can afford to repay as a mortgage. Even though it would be amazing to move into a mansion for your first home, the repayments would probably cost you more than your monthly income. That is if you could even afford the deposit on the property. Be realistic and speak to a mortgage advisor on how much you could ideally afford and then you will know what kind of property to go for.


Another thing that you should be wary of, is that some people tend to put the price of their homes higher than they are worth so that they can make a large profit when it sells. If you find a property that you love, try talking the price down because most people will jump at the chance of a sale.


An important factor to take into consideration is how the property is laid out. For example, if you have large pieces of furniture that you will be moving into the property, small and oddly shaped rooms won’t be ideal for you to move into. Make sure that when you’re viewing a house you take some measurements of your furniture so that you can imagine where you would put your belongings.


Think about whether you’re looking for a home that’s going to be practical as well as a home. For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, make sure that the home you’re buying is flood proof. Take a look at a modern house plan which would give you an idea on what sort of property you want, especially if you are after a modern house with solar panels, or you’d like to go for a more contemporary look with your home. Read more


Five Fall Fixes for Your Home


Five Fall Fixes for Your Home


Many of us get back into the swing of things when fall rolls around. As we gear up for the coming winter, many of us begin to think about the home that keeps us warm. Fall is a great time to take on home improvement projects, as the cooler weather allows for easier work. With a bit of determination and a willingness to get down and dirty, you can make your home both more beautiful and more valuable. Read more


Improve Your Garden: Master The Art Of Taming Nature

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A garden is your outside lounge area. That’s the mentality you need to take away from this article because far too many homeowners ignore the exterior of their property. It’s understandable that you’d focus more on interior design, given that you spend more time inside your house, but you’re neglecting all the potential of this outdoor space if you don’t look after your garden or never even spend any time in your garden. It can be frustrating to watch grass grow back instantly, but here’s how to start improving your outdoor space and master the art of taming nature. Read more


3 Appliances Worth Upgrading (And 1 That Isn’t Worth Bothering About)

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You know that 1990s prosthetic-limb colored tumble dryer you inherited from your dear old grandma, the one you love so much? Well, even though it still works like a dream, it may not be the most energy efficient appliance to be celebrating and clawing onto for dear life. You see, if there is one area in which modern upgrades have come on leaps and bounds, it is in their energy-saving abilities. Read more


Set Up And Protect Your Home Office


More and more people are keen to work from home. It saves you the headache of long commutes and gives you a chance to spend more time with your family. Of course, if you’re hoping to set up your own home-based business, then you definitely need to consider a home office. Setting up your space to make it functional as well as inspirational might be easier than you thought. Here are some of the essentials of home-office setups: Read more


Are Hidden Health Dangers Lurking In Your Home?

Carbon monoxide alarm

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If there’s one place we should all feel safe, it’s in our own home. However, what if there were hidden health dangers lurking in the walls that you didn’t know about? Every year people are killed in their own home by toxic chemicals leaking from the brickwork. Here are just a few of those deadly chemicals. Obviously you won’t find these in every home – older houses may be more susceptible in many cases. However it’s always worth checking for, especially if you’ve been getting headaches or nausea or other strange symptoms. Read more


3 Ways To Bring Your Home Into The 21st Century

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More and more people are falling in love with the contemporary look when it comes to interior design. Unfortunately, though, they have come to accept that this is probably a pipedream for the simple fact their home is about as traditional and antiquey as a home can possibly get and so, without a complete overhaul (which will no doubt cost a lot), the chance for them to enter the 21st Century just isn’t feasible. Well, that is why we are here; to tell you you are wrong. Read more


Add A Little Sunshine To Your Home In The Summer Months


With the summer in full swing, the sun shining, the birds singing and the long evenings, there’s no better time of the year to get to work on the house. Could your home benefit from a bit of a makeover? Does it need freshening up? Take a look at some of these ways to add a little sunshine to your home.


Decorate With Flowers And Fruit





There’s nothing quite like flowers in bloom and ripe fruit to herald the arrival of summer. But you don’t have to keep your flowers in your garden and your fruit in the refrigerator: you can also use them as decorations. Look out for flowers in season, or whichever happen to be on sale at your local market, and put them in all your vases. Then find any unused bowls on your mantelpieces or window sills and fill them with brightly colored fruit. You’ll be amazed at how something so simple can make such a large difference.


Repaint All Your Dining Room Furniture


Furniture that comes out of the factory is deliberately designed to be as neutral (and as bland) as possible. But you don’t have to settle for boring. Painting your dining room is a cheap, quick and easy way to spruce up your house for the summer. Choose pastel colors for the most summery effect.


Repair Your Roof


No matter how good your house looks on the inside, if it isn’t looking its best on the outside, it’ll look drab and uninviting. It’s a good idea, therefore, to use residential services to sort out those hard-to-reach places, like the roof. Having your roof tiles cleaned and replaced will make an enormous difference to the appearance of your home, helping the insides to match the outside.


Replace All Your Door Knobs


Regular door knobs are bland and boring. They’re not in the slightest bit reminiscent of summer. But they’re also something that is really easy to change. You can get all kinds of doorknobs, but patterned is the best. Grab a screwdriver and undo all of the screws from your existing knob to remove it from the door. Leave the metal chuck in the middle and thread the new handle over the top of it and screw it into place. This is a five-minute job, but it can help make a door look brand new.


Add Colorful Towels To The Bathroom


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White towels are great if you want a hotel feel, but if you’re going for something a bit more homely, then you can’t go wrong with colorful towels in the bathroom. Colorful towels immediately give you that summer feeling – as if you’re lounging beside a pool in a far away land.


Add A Dash Of Yellow

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Want to add some sunshine to your home? What better way to do it than by adding a touch of yellow? If you want to spruce up the exterior of your home, you could paint your front door a bright yellow. Or, if you want to liven up the interior, you could introduce a yellow stool or lamp.