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Light up your House for the Holidays with Star Shower

*Holiday Guide 2015*

Do you dread taking out the Christmas lights to only find them tangled up like a hot mess? I sure do! I love decorating for the holidays but I have to be honest and say that over the years we never decorate the outside of the house. I think partially part of the reason is that both my husband and I are afraid of heights and ladders, well, they scare the bajeebers out of me. I can handle roller coasters, but ask me to get on a ladder, not happening! I am so excited that I can finally have some Christmas lights on my house this year due to this great product Star Shower. Read more


Emerson Creek Pottery Iced Tea Pitcher and Cracker Basket

Since 1977 located in Virginia in the Blue Ridge Hill Mountains, Emerson Creek has been creating beautiful lead-free, cadmium-free and non-toxic made pottery with stylish elegant designs. What I especially love about Emerson Creek Pottery is I learned that they harvest the clay all over and mix on site. . When I received my pieces of Emerson Creek Pottery, I was so excited as I knew they had to be beautiful. Read more


The Ninja Coffee Bar Experience the Great Flavor

*Holiday Gift Guide Submission*

Coffee, coffee, coffee, I love a good cup of coffee in the morning and I love my ice coffee at night. Ever since moving to Florida, where the weather is warm most the year I started enjoying ice coffee at night. In the morning I love a hot cup of coffee or a latte. I never had the chance to make my own latte before, but I am excited to say that I can now! When I received my new Ninja Coffee Bar I could not wait to open the box and see what it was all about.

ninja Coffee bar

The Ninja Coffee Bar is designed with an innovative thermal flavor extraction technology to deliver you the best tasting coffee. Each brew has a pre-infusion cycle with different varying times. The brew will begin, stop, and be quiet for a short period of time before it begins again. This ensures that it evenly saturates your coffee grounds to release the full flavor bringing you fresh great tasting coffee each and every time. As you can see above it comes equipped with a Ninja duel sided coffee scoop and a frother. One side of the scoop you can use it to make a full pot of coffee and the other to make a single served. Read more


Clever Storage Ideas For A Roomier Interior

Creative storage ideas helps make life easier and the knock on effect of organizing your belongings is more attractive home. Minimalistic looks like Scandinavian design are really in right now and their beauty is in the clean lines and stunning yet practical use of space.

Decluttering your life is not as simple as throwing stuff in a black bag – that wouldn’t be environmentally friendly anyway – so rather than focus on what you should throw out or recycle you could look at using clever storage and organisation tricks to keep your house looking clutter free. Read more