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Pro Parenting – 5 Practical Financial Tips for Single Parents


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Being a single parent can be , especially if your income doesn’t stretch to providing your children with everything they want and need. However, there are still ways to make your dollar go further while preventing yourself from falling into money traps. Pay attention to these financial tips below to benefit your family in more ways than one:

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Reasons Why Puzzles Are Good For Developing Young Minds


Tablets, smart phones, and video games have brushed the concept of puzzles under the rug. Studies show that puzzles are excellent for improving moods, enhancing hand-eye coordination, training brain, and increasing cognitive functioning, such as problem-solving and reasoning. They can help kids develop a good sense of special organizations. Read more


Difficult Truths All New Moms Need To Know



No one knows exactly what motherhood is going to be like until they have their very first baby. Even if you grew up in a large family and around a lot of young babies and children, it can still be quite scary to be expecting your first. After all, you won’t be able to pass your baby onto someone else as soon as it starts crying! So, as you can see, it is always best to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible from those who already know what it’s like to be a new mom.

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Helping Your Teen Through High School

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As far as responsibilities go, parenting is about as big as they come. Much bigger than Thor protecting the earth, or Batman securing Gotham, or Spidey helping out in his neighborhood. Parenting is all about bringing your kid up to be healthy and happy, and so that they have the best chance of succeeding when they finally cross the threshold into adulthood. That is why your support and guidance is so crucial in their development, and none more so than during their teens, chipping away at the educational system and striving for academic success.

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Be Careful With Your Children’s Online Usage


Most parents would agree that it is hugely important to make sure that your children are as safe as possible while online. These days, it is getting harder and harder to police what is happening on the internet, and if you sometimes find yourself being a little worried about your children when they are online, you are not alone. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are not so worried, and that your children are being a little safer with their online usage. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to ease your concerns. Read more


5 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Give To Your Teenage Child



Teenage years are tough, and we have all been through them. In some ways, our experiences will have differed, but in other ways, we will have gone through times that are achingly familiar. That first date? The first signs of acne? Worries about being not being cool enough? These are common to most of us. It’s a wonder why any of us want to turn the clock back to be our younger selves again.

Looking back on your teenage years, there may be pieces of wisdom you wish you had known then. Fortunately, you can now pass on some of this advice to the teenagers in your life. Here are just some of the things you might want to say to them. Of course, as stubborn as teens are, whether they listen to you is another matter entirely.

1. Be yourself

To stay with the ‘in crowd,’ teens will try and conform to be like others. The trouble is, this is often at the expense of who they actually are. When it comes to compromising their personal values and beliefs, tell your teen to stick to their guns and be themselves. Of course, during these formative years, many teens don’t quite know who they are yet. These really are confusing times, but as far as is possible, encourage them to stand firm and not be swayed by the opinions and values of others.

2. Don’t grow up too quickly

Adult life comes soon enough, with all the worries that come with time and age. The trouble is, teens always seem to be in a hurry to grow up, especially as they don’t want to be treated like children. They want to wear adult clothes, watch grown-up movies and have more independence. That’s fine, but as you probably long for your childhood again, explain why this is important. It’s good to be as carefree as long as possible before the demands of adulthood begin.

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Tech Talk For Parents: A Guide To Nurturing A Positive Relationship


There’s no point in denying the importance of technology, and our children deserve to have regular interaction with those devices. After all, they aren’t only important for communication between younger generations. They’re also an essential aspect of preparing for life in the modern business world. Read more


Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

As great as kids can be, they can sometimes be a lot of hard work. Whether they are throwing a tantrum because you did not agree to buy them something they wanted at a store or they are upset that you are disciplining them for some unkind behaviour, every parent knows just how tough it can be. This is particularly true when it comes to the summer holidays. You may be thinking of sending your child off to a summer camp this year. It is a great idea. It is a good opportunity for your child to learn some independence while also making friends and exploring nature at the same time (as soon as they leave you start to miss them though). However, if your children are staying at home with you this summer, you will need to figure out how to entertain them. When they are complaining that they are bored all the time, you will suddenly start appreciating what a great job their teachers do. In any case, if you are going on vacation for a week or two there is still the issue of how you are going to entertain them for the rest of the time. Here are a few ideas: Read more


How Mobile Devices Are Ruining Our Children’s Sleep


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Over the last few years there has been an unbelievable rise in children visiting the doctor with sleeping problems.  According to a recent survey there has been a tenfold increase in the number of kids visiting the hospital or GP with sleep related issues.  This rise isn’t surprising given that it marries up with the accessibility  to mobile devices.

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Life Lessons: Helping Children Deal With The Loss Of A Pet


Bereavement is very hard for us all to deal with, no matter how old we are. But children will find it particularly difficult to cope with death and loss, especially if they have never experienced it before. This is one reason why some parents decide to get a pet while they have children. Some parents think that the eventual death of a pet is an important life lesson for children to go through, and will help prepare them for even more significant losses. Read more

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